Hello, everybody. Well, I'm not bragging or exalting myself, but I've really had this site going full gear, and it's not even a week old yet. (It will be a week old tomorrow.) So, as I mentioned in last night's post, I won't be posting as much from tomorrow to next Wednesday. I will still be posting, just maybe only one or two posts if I have time. I thought I ought to tell you so you don't freak out when I'm not posting once or twice a day like I have been.

Okay. Now comes the part where I explain the title. All of my titles have meaning to something that's in the post. Today's title means, something new has happened. If you even try just a little bit to see what's different on my site, you'll notice. But, I will tell you, since this is where I put the news for my site. Wooton Bassett and myself were working on something last night, and it came to fruition today. When we first thought of it, it was going to be totally different than it is now, but Wooton changed it, and it's for the better. Okay, here's what it is. I've changed my link page totally, the old one is gone, and Wooton put a page on his blog, The Unofficial AIO Blog. They're both titled "The Imagination Station", and Wooton designed the logo for both. We'll keep updating them, but there are enough for now. The pages on both our sites are identical, except Wooton put some on his site that I don't have on mine yet. We'll get them eventually. I think you'll like them. They're nothing like any other link page, and I've seen almost every AIO fan site out there.

In other news, Adventures in Odyssey Blogcast #36 is out now. I haven't listened to their podcasts yet, but for them to have gotten to Episode 36, that shows that they have committment, and when you have committment to something, you want to do that thing better and better. So one day soon, I will listen to them, and I have high expectations for them. Anyway, Episode 36's summary is "AIO Blogcast 36: Review of Child's Play & Something Old, Something New, Parts 1 & 2. Summer is here and so is our latest podcast! It's a big summer bash and you won't want to miss a minute of it!" This episode contains a newcast, reviews of "Child's Play" and "Something Old, Something New, Parts 1 & 2", an original "Did You Know?" segment with Devon and Victoria Francis, five podcasting tips from Austin, and a blooper reel. This episode is full of amazing things, but what else would you expect from such devoted fans? Austin's ran the blog for five years and is still going strong, and he does an amazing job. There's only been a couple of Odyssey fan sites that have made it over five years, so that shows how good he's done and how committed he is. Austin, this is not sarcasm, I really do mean it, you are an inspiration to people like me who are just starting to throw their hat in the ring. You're living proof that if you stick with it, you're bound to succeed. Well, that's all for now, so stay tuned, and I hope you enjoy Twists and Turns! 


06/14/2012 6:32pm

Hey Old Judge, nice job explaining what the Imagination Station feature. You summed it up very well.

Austin Peachey
06/15/2012 8:15pm

Thanks for the compliments! I really enjoy doing the blog and the Blogcast. Once you listen to my podcast, let me know what you think of it. Some of our earlier episodes aren't so great. I'd recommend hearing episodes 17 and up.

By the way, I've been running the blog for 4 years, come this July. I'll have done the Blogcast for 3 years this December.

I really enjoy your blog and the great title for your website. Keep up the great work!


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