Would you look at that! Somebody used my name! Well, sort of. If you look it says "Twists and Returns". The AIO Update has had a lot of news recently, but here's something else new. The AIO Update has released their sixth editorial, titled the above-mentioned name. The link to the article is http://aioupdate.weebly.com/editorial-6.html . It describes all the recent returns of classic Odyssey characters, and his opinions on them. The "he" is David Hilder. He runs the Adventures in Odyssey Update and has written all their editorials. He is a very good writer, and does an excellent job with his website.

Before I continue, I would like to say something. If anybody reads this, you're probably thinking, "Why does this person keep talking about other fan sites? He has a website, he should focus on his." Well, if you'll kindly take note of the title, this is "a hard-hitting blog on anything and everything Odyssey." One of the main goals when I started this was to collect all the AIO news in one place so you wouldn't have to search through EVERY Odyssey fan site out there. You could get on here and find out where to go for new stuff. As an extreme Odyssey fan, and an avid reader, I love to read about Odyssey. When people don't update their websites, it kind of irks me. So, I started this website to give anything and everything about Odyssey, and when other fan sites have new articles or podcasts, features, etc., I'm going to post them on here. So please don't get angry at me. 

Now that I've written a whole paragraph that I didn't mean to write when I started, I'll get to the explanation of The Boredom Buster Podcast logo. News has spread of The Boredom Buster Podcast. The AIO Update has put the links to Episodes 5 & 6 on their websites. The episodes, if you haven't heard them, are interviews with David Griffin. The episodes are available on their website, which is on my Imagination Station page, and on iTunes, too. I finally listened to Episode 6, and it was awesome. I liked that they brought the Guess That Clip! segment back. I was SO sad that it wasn't on Episode 5. David talked about, in my opinion, more interesting stuff than last time. I decided to listen to that episode on earphones. Good idea, right? Well, the first two lines happened like this:

Noah: Welcome to The Boredom Buster Podcast, and we will be continuing our interview with David Griffin.

Needless to say, my ears rang. Hallie needs to switch to decaf. Just kidding. Anyway, it was amazing, you still continue to impress me, and I can't wait for Episode 7.

Also, because I only have a very small fan base, but they're all faithful to my site, so I decided to reward them with a special behind-the-scenes feature on The Soda Shop that only Twists and Turns regulars can get on. There are some regulars that haven't joined the group yet, but if you want to, contact me on The Soda Shop. Besides that, Case 002 on The Courtroom comes out tomorrow. Well, that's all for now. There's more to come, so stay tuned, and I hope you enjoy Twists and Turns!
                                                                                                                        ---The Old Judge


06/22/2012 8:57pm

I wanted to delete the part when she screamed, but should wouldn't let me. lol.


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