I know this is the first day of my blog, but this is good news. The AIO Update posted this last evening, and I decided that, if anybody actually reads this, they would like to see it. This is the "rough draft" of The Grand Design's cover. I believe the purple border is good, though personally I liked the orange border of the AIOWiki's fan mockup cover. This seems to be a very good album, and from the way it sounds on the Soda Shop Message Boards or the Voice of Odyssey blog, people are very excited about it. Album 55 was full of intrigue and regrets, with Jason and, hey Dale Jacobs! It's been a LONG time. And Mitch comes back! On the Soda Shop after Part 1 aired, everyone was so excited. People thought he was bluffing when he said he was getting married, only to have their hearts broken. And don't forget about Eugene & Katrina. Anyway, Album 56 is coming, and it looks like it's going to be normal Odyssey, which isn't that normal. Here's my little Album 56 speech, some is what is known, and some is my speculation. As most of you probably know, the Imagination Station is back. Hallelujah! But, wait, Emily's in it, visiting young Whit. Most likely she'll learn a very good lesson. Heaven knows she needs it. Then comes the Room of Consequence, last heard from in Album 41 in "Hindsight". This one has Jay in it, and according to the AIOWiki, there's an episode that sounds a whole lot like this episode, that's why I'm saying this, that has older Barrett and older Matthew. Jay, Barrett, and Matthew have good chemistry, so Jay with older Barrett and Matthew sounds.....interesting, in a good way. There's also an Inspiration Station adventure, from what I've heard, absent since Album 51. "The Inspiration Station, Parts 1 & 2" were very good episodes, and I'm so excited thatthey're bringing that invention back. On the summary, there's an episode that nobody's paid much attention to, so I'll acknowledge it here. It says, "Penny searches for her hopes and dreams, but her search finds her wanting" or something like that. I think that could be the Inspiration Station one. You know, on Album 51, Matthew got discouraged with himself. Enter Whit's newest invention. That's how I think this will work. But then again, they could be two totally different episodes. There are rumors that KYDS Radio will return in this album, but I'm not sure about that. Also, according to the AIOWiki, there's an episode with the Odyssey Owls basketball team. First of all, I think "Maybe Ryan will be back again." He did a very good job of a selfless person in "The Owlnapping". Secondly, I think, "Chang Fang". He was the coach, remember? And he was hilarious. I hope he returns as the coach again. Then there's "Home Again, Parts 1 & 2". " Jason returns to Odyssey," was the definition of this episode. But on the AIO Facebook about a month ago, Janet Waldo, voice of Joanne Allen, was pictured recording lines for an episode, and was quoted saying, It was good to hear Jason, Joanne, Whit, and Connie talking together again." So added bonus: Joanne Allen is coming back! Besides that, there are two other named episodes, "The Bible Network" and "Groundhog Jay". Oh,. and one more thing. Penny Wise will be on the back cover of this album. So, to sum it all up, this is a really good list of episodes we have here. This looks like it's going to be a promising album, indeed. 
                                                                                                                                ---The Old Judge


06/08/2012 7:20pm

Cool. I also prefer the orange cover fan mockup.

06/22/2012 7:34am

KYDS did return is Sergent York. Or was that like Whit's End radio? Groundhog Jay, I believe, from the description of Album 56, will be where Jay goes into the Room of Consicoince and experiences a program much like the one Liz experienced in 'The Eternal Birthday', hence the name Groundhog Jay, a reference to the movie Groundhog Day, where a man experiences the same day over and over. (That's a great movie, by the way!)


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