Well, The Old Judge couldn't make it, so I am filling in for him again. That's right, this is Simon Jones' second post for Twists and Turns! So, if any of you are wondering what happened to him, I'll tell you. He was going to do it, and me and him were sitting in his office, when he got a call from Janice, one of the workers in the lobby of the Courthouse, saying he had to go to Jacque Henri's Art Gallery. Apparently, The Old Judge had bought a picture from there to liven up his office, and had paid with his credit card. Unfortunately, he left his credit card there, and Mister Henri got a hold of it. Now, for some reason, it is considered a popular type of art now to blow up small, common objects and use them as decorum. Well, Jacques got a hold of The Old Judge's credit card, and did that exact same thing with it, and put it in the display window of his shop. So now the fair citizens of Odyssey are walking down the street seeing The Old Judge's credit card number. Yeah.......  Okay, to the news. The Old Judge left some notes for me, so I will use them as a reference point and go with it.
A Town Called Odyssey now has a logo, which is shown on the left of the screen. For those of you who don't know, A Town Called Odyssey is a recently made Adventures in Odyssey blog run by Katerina Meltsner, the sister of Wooton Bassett from the Unofficial AIO Blog. Wooton designed her logo, which in my opinion is very well done. It's a montage of Odyssey, with the author's face in the center. If you haven't seen A Town Called Odyssey, you should check that out, and you can at http://atowncalledodyssey.blogspot.com/ .

Now, some of you might have heard about a site called the Campbell County Connection. Normally I wouldn't say something like that, considering it's one of the most reputable fan sites out there. However, due to lack of time, Freddy Jay, the operator of the blog, closed the doors of the Connection indefinitely on April 5. Well, according to what The Old Judge has written here, he says, and I quote, "Well, then one day, on the Campbell County Message Boards, I found out that the Banker, Jason, was really Freddy Jay. Oh, boy. I contacted him and in a somewhat delirious way asked when the next post would be out. He said he was working on one." So, apparently, FreddyJay released that post, and then some. In the last four days, he has relased five posts, including two reviews, one on "Emily the Genius" and "How to Sink a Sub". H e even references me in the review of "Emily the Genius". The poor girl was so tired out, and it was all for us, and FreddyJay references that fact. But, anyway, this site is very unique, and The Old Judge already became a follower of it, so you have got to check it out. The link is on The Imagination Station on here, or you can just click here: http://fjayodysseyreport.blogspot.com/
(Oh, one more thing. While browsing his site, I saw trading cards with people like Matthew, Olivia, Whit, and Wooton on there. Hmm.... I wonder what a Simon Jones trading card would look like.....) 

Also, the summaries for the episodes of Album 56: The Grand Design has been released. However, considering this is old news, The Old Judge has given me a link to the Connection which has the summaries, so here it is:
http://fjayodysseyreport.blogspot.com/2012/08/album-56-summaries.html .

Okay, I'm going to say something. The Campbell County Connection is one of The Old Judge's favorite sites, and since I gave it a once-over is fast becoming one of mine, too. Show your support. Really. If any of you are reading. Hop on over to the Connection. Read the posts. Become a follower. Comment on the posts. Encourage FreddyJay. This is an amazing blog, and we can't afford to lose it again.

Abby and Mandie's Adventures in Odyssey Podcast Episode 9 is out, and not only that, but guess who they are interviewing? Ethan Daniels of The Ceiling Fan Podcast! That's the kid who's trying to find Odyssey. Guess what? He'll never find us, because we are located in -------------. Yup. That's where we're at. But if you want to listen to this podcast, you can check it out at http://theabbyandmandieshow.webnode.com/videos/podcasts/

Well, sadly, Adventures in Connellsville Installment 6 and the weekly feature on Just Another AIO Blog are not out yet, but he did release his weekly review, on the episode "Think on These Things" yesterday. You can check that out at http://justanotheraioblog.blogspot.com/2012/08/weekly-review-think-on-these-things-8412.html 

Also, Dave of Dave's AIO Blog has just given us an article entitled, "Hopes for Album 56", which is pretty self-explanatory. They are his hopes for each episode in this fall's lineup. In true Dave fashion, though, he gives us what has happenedin the past with certain kinds of episodes and how this could not work. It's still good to read, however, so you can check that out at
 http://davesaioblog.blogspot.com/2012/08/hopes-for-album-56.html .

Now, as we reach the end of this post, I will give you the Twists and Turns news. The Old Judge had just written a new Courtroom verdict entitled, "The Old Judge's Verdict on The Terrible Fate of the Gallery", and updated his Cast & Crew: Take 2 feature with Christian A. and FreddyJay, who we were talking about earlier. He has also added A Town Called Odyssey onto his Imagination Station page. He has also done an interview with Christian A., which he will be releasing this weekend. Which leads me to say, The Old Judge will not be here from Monday through Friday this week, so no Twists and Turns posts. But, hey, he'll do a post on all that he missed like he normally does! Well, you've got a lot to look forward to, and I'm sorry this won't be functioning for a week, but use the Imagination Station page. That will take you to some good sites. After all, "Once you push the red button, you never know whre the adventure may lead".
                                                                                                                                    ---Simon Jones



08/05/2012 4:33pm

Great post. And thanks for the mention. I really like your court room articles they are well developed and a good read. Keep up all the good work.

T.S. (myself)
08/05/2012 8:01pm

Great job, Old Judge! This was one of my favorite posts. You've really used Simon well. Have a fun trip, unless you are going to a funeral or something like that, and then just have a safe trip.

T.S. (myself)
08/05/2012 8:08pm

I read your Courtroom article. You have really shared some insight on this. You're right; the Gallery is a great asset that AiO should use more. Hearing a full narrative from a historical figure has endless possibilities. I would personally enjoy hearing Winston Churchill, and C.S. Lewis.

Pound Foolish
08/07/2012 6:15pm

I couldn't help thinking of CS Lewis too, TS. It would be sooo incredibly terrific.


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