Do you realize it's been three days since I last posted? No, I didn't forget about this. How could I? There has been no news the last three days, and I've been desperately scrounging around for Odyssey news, but there has been no news. Seriously, at all.

Well, yesterday, HannahJ, a fellow Soda Shopper and TNT Regular, asked me, "When are you going to do another post?" I thought, "Wow! People actually still read this!" So I decided to do a post today. There was a little bit of news then that I will impart to you now.

Though most of you reading this,(if there are any), are Soda Shoppers, I thought I'd say this anyway. After much persuasion by the moderators, the administrators added a "Church" to the Soda Shop. It will be used to discuss religious topics, such as prayer requests, praises, activities at the members' various churches, and the member's various religious denominations. But, the administrators did more than that. Because we had begun to accumulate a LOT of topics, and there were only six forums, the administrators added "Fan Podcasts" and "Fan Blogs and Websites" as subforums to "Sites Around Town" to reduce clutter.

That was going to be all my news. I had stopped hoping for news. Well, when I finally stop stressing over something, it usually happens. In this case,that's a good thing, because now there's more Odyssey news.

Well, last night the Avery Awards on the Official Podcast were released, but that's not the only big news about this episode. On their last episode, I mentioned that this one would be very important. Do you remember back that far? I said, "Their next episode will be 150." Yes, the Official Adventures in Odyssey Podcast has hit 150 episodes. The summary is, "Hot on the heels of the historic 25th Anniverary Odyssey Live Show in Dallas, Jesse decides to broadcast a LIVE Avery Awards broadcast for Album 55. But all is not well when they arrive a protest of Adventures in Odyssey. Thank you to everyone who voted!" That sounds very interesting. You can download the episode either on their site, or on iTunes. Now I will listen to it, but it might be in the next couple of days. I'll give you my opinions on it in a future post.

Adventures in Odyssey Blogcast Episode #37 is out. You know, these guys have done a very good job of releasing podcasts on a regular schedule. Now, I will listen to this episode. This will be the first one I have listened to, and I am really excited. Actually, I can hardly wait to hear it. Because in this episode, they interview Zach Callison, voice of Matthew Parker! The Blogcast did good on this, because beside the Official Podcast, podcasts, as far as I know, do not interview the child actors. The summary of the episode is, "In our season finale, we interview Zach Callison, the talented young man who plays Matthew Parker! During our conversation, he answers questions about how he got started in acting, performing at the live show, Album 56, & more!" You can either download this episode off of their website or iTunes. This is their season finale, and honestly I don't really know how their going to do that. This is Season 5 of the Blogcast, and from the finale of Season 4 to the premiere of Season 5, there was about a month's hiatus. In my opinion, this hiatus will probably be longer, but who knows. Like the Official Podcast, I will give you my opinions on this in a future post.

Now, it's time to wrap up my post, so I'll give you some Twists and Turns news and some miscellaneous tidbits. Just Another AIO Blog is releasing its "Big Change" on Sunday, and also an interview. Nobody knows what the "Big Change" is, but I know who's doing the interview. You want to know? If so, you can find out on Sunday. I'm not going to blow the secret. I will be releasing The Courtroom Case 004: "The Old Judge's Verdict on Whit's Curiosities" on Sunday, hopefully. Besides that, we're back to no news. Well, that's all for now, so stay tuned, and I hope you enjoy Twists and Turns!
                                                                                                     ---The Old Judge



06/28/2012 10:36am

Wow, I can't believe that, in a time where there is almost no news, you managed to find some. Great job!

06/30/2012 6:39am

Sorry that I haven't been on here in forever but Great Job you did it again! Glad I inspired you to write this!


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