Since it is the Christmas season, I have decided to give a wonderful gift to the online AIO community: the blessing of my presence. All joking aside, I have returned for a Christmassy post. First off, I would like to say that on the Soda Shop Message Boards, where I am a moderator, I have achieved 1,500 posts. I consider this a big milestone, but for some of my fellow Internet acquaintances, it would be laughed to scorn.
I haven't been as active in the online community and the forums the last few months as I normally am, but even I know that there has been a massive uproar raised against the Odyssey Adventure Club. For me personally, I am just bracing for the repercussions that the debut of this will bring. There has been so much talk about it that, instead of giving my own opinions, I will defer you to other sites.

While I was gone, without my notice (*Cough*Cough*Josh & Ally*Cough*) the last two segments of the "Yak with Zach" came out. For those that don't know, "The Yak with Zach" was the first four-part episode of "Candid KOnversations with Josh & Ally." Also, Ally posted the review of her summer, which I browsed through in about fifteen seconds. All of this stuff is on the first page of their site, so go and check it out:

This Saturday, my illustrious overlord, God's Girl, along with our eminent Soda Shop technical engineer, Limerick ran in the Twenty-sixth Town of Odyssey Election. They were the only ones that achieved the funding to sponsor their campaign, and the voting will be held on January 3rd to the 5th. And since they're the only team running, vote "Yes," in spite of their strange name.

In my last post I believe, I talked about the Francis' podcast, or rather, "Oddcast." I watched the first five episodes and found great enjoyment out of them, but my iPod (which I download podcasts and videos on) began to act up, and thus I have not been able to watch them. But that's no reason you shouldn't watch them. I have heard their new episodes have been just as good, if not better, and they are preparing to interview Aria Curzon. So check out this link to watch all the videos, and to send in your questions for the interview.

Several months ago, a new member joined the Soda Shop. His name is Mr. Whit's End. He has a blog he started before he came onto the board, known as the Cryin' Bryan Dern Blog. He recently stated that he won't post till after the new year, but you should get acquainted with it when I reference it in later posts.
I am very sad, and I'm going to have to do more digging into this. I like to give you all an indepth look into the various fan sites, and one that has not been updated in a while, but has been around for four years, is The AIO Fan's Life. The blog had not been updated in eleven months, but roughly a month and a half ago, he wrote a farewell post to his blog. I know that this was coming for a while, but it is still sad to see another blogger move on in life. The AIO Fan's Life will now be moved to "Defunct Sites" in The Imagination Station. And Marvin will be placed in the Cast & Crew: Take 2 page. I will need to tell him. He knows nothing of this currently.

Well, it has been fun to get back on and talk again about Adventures in Odyssey and the people who enjoy it so much. But I have to go, so until the next time, I hope you enjoy Twists and Turns!!!

                                                                                                                 ---The Old Judge



Pound Foolish
01/02/2014 11:12pm

Down with OAC! It's really sad AIO is doing poorly financially, and surprising. But the entire concept of OAC stinks for AIO fans.

Isn't Josh and Ally's podcast awesome?

I will grudgingly admit, I've grown quite fond of my Evil Clone's blog.

Alas, poor AIO Fan, I knew his blog well. As you say, and as the post's title said, and as I am now saying like an echo for no good reason whatever, it was a good run and it's a pity to see him go.

Thanks for the update, that was fun. Missed yah.


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