After a four month and eleven day hiatus, (Oh, yeah, I do my homework.), Bren has released Episode 74 of The Whit's End Podcast. YAY! Seriously, I saw him say something cryptic on the Soda Shop about, "What if I did the episode without editing the old episode?" I immediately rushed oved to their podcast's website, and celebrated when I saw that Episode 74 was out. Now, this episode is shorter, being at about seven and one-half minutes, but it is amazing. The podcast's summary is, "Join Bren as he gives some updates regarding TWEP, AIO, and more." So, yes. I have already listened to it, and it is very good. Bren made a very funny comment while referencing the Soda Shop. "Well, unless you've been living under a rock the last couple of months, you know the Odyssey Scoop came out with their own message board." I just thought it was funny. You can go check that podcast out at http://thewepodcast.com/podcasts.html . I will also say that Bren referenced my website on his podcast episode, and that was really a great honor, to be referenced on the longest-running fan podcast. And continue to pray for Bren and Matt, as they continue to search for jobs and enter college. Hey, Bren, if you're reading this, I'm already waiting for Episode 75.

Big news! Focus on the Family has released an episode from Album 56: The Grand Design, entitled "Happy Hunting". The summary of the episode is, "Penny Wise embarks on a frantic search to find happiness, but in the process she makes everyone around her miserable. Theme: The search for happiness." For a limited time, you can listen to it at this link: http://odysseyscoop.com/blog/2012/07/30/preview-the-grand-design/
I must admit, Penny is a gem in the Adventures in Odyssey world, and bringing somebody in to learn Christian principles from Whit and the gang is amazing.

And while we're talking about The Grand Design, it is now available for download. And since it is now available for download, I have a list of the episodes. A special thanks to Jumpman256 on The Soda Shop Message Boards for disclosing this information to us. Here is the list:

1).The Perfect Church, Parts 1 & 2
2).Great Expectations
3).For Three Dollars More
4).The Bible Network
5)Happy Hunting
6).The Holy Hoopster
7).The Lost Riddle
8).Groundhog Jay
9).Home Again, Parts 1 & 2
10).Push the Red Button

Just Another AIO Blog has a really amazing article, probably his best yet. It is called "AIO Websites: A Competitive Market?" If you want to check that out, the link is 

Also, Pound Foolish, a moderator on the Soda Shop Message Boards, was welcomed on board Just Another AIO Blog last week, and he released his first piece today, an article entitled, "Penny and Wooton: The Deathly Serious Controversy". This is a very good article which, no offense, is a good deal longer than Alex's articles. If you would like to read it, the link is

As you can see, Campbell County has been restored! Now, everything I said with Jason was real, but it was all part of a story arc, a feature unique to the County that can't be found on any other Odyssey message board. But, for those of you who aren't on the County, (The only one I know of is Suzylou,) I'll give you a rundown of what happened.

Jason, our Banker, the GENUINE one, got on yesterday with apost titled, "I'm Back!" According to him, someone under the username, "Phillip Glossman". After month's of watching the board, Phillip found out Jason's password and hacked onto his profile. Somehow he stripped all the administrators of power and became a dictator under Jason's name. However, an anonymous user had sent "Jason" a button that said, "Join the Dark Side', so Phillip put it up for sale in the shop. The button was given to him by the real Jason, who was using an old profile under the name, "Rodney Rathbone". If ten people bought the button in the shop, it would release Jason's passcode and be able to take down Phillip. However,, Phillip had begun to launch a program called Mix, which would either take control of users in Novabox fashion, or mess up their profile so nobody could speak put against him. However, we avoided Mass Mix, and only a couple of people were taken over by Mix. Well, he's done and gone now, Jason's back, and he changed his passcode.  

Well, Ben Warren finally got around to his Odyssey post, which was very good. Please don't start a riot against Ben for writing this or me for reporting this, but it's titled "A Nail in Mitch's Coffin'. It shows why Mitch and Connie's relationship would or wouldn't have worked, and the pros and cons of how the writers handled it. If you want to check that out, the link is

I'm sorry that this isn't the normal Voice logo I use, but it is the more modern one. Anyway, Christian A. put up a short post several days ago talking about some of the new episodes. I really do love the Voice, and Christian does an amazing job, so every time a new post pops up, I rush over. Here is the link to the new post: http://thevoiceofodyssey.blogspot.com/2012/07/push-red-button.html

To your left is the new logo for Jason & Mitch: Secret Agents, the epic spy story that combines our top two favorite secret agents working together, brought to you by the Unofficial AIO Blog. I really like this logo, Wooton does a good job as always, and eventually I will try to put something about this on The Unofficial AIO Blog's page on the AIOWiki. Anyway, if you haven't read it yet, READ IT! Right now. Here's the link:

Well, I was on the Voice getting the link to put on my post, when I went to look at his blog list, which displays the latest posts from several blogs, one of which is the AIO Fan's Life. Lo and behold, Marvin posted again for the first time in three months! Sadly, I put his site in the "Defunct Sites" section of the Imagination Station, so I will be moving it back to the Functioning Sites section. If you want to read that post, here is the link:

Well, that's all the news. I'm sorry it took so long to get out. I'll try to get out one more post before disappearing for a week, along with a new Courtroom. There's more to come, so stay tuned, and I hope you enjoy Twists and Turns!
                                                                                                                          ---The Old Judge


Pound Foolish
08/02/2012 8:28pm

Enjoyable as always, Old Judge. I look forward to that new podcast. And I will definitely pray for those two. I had no idea they were having so many problems.
Anyhow, thank you for alerting me to this new update. And thanks for the tip of the hat! It's so neat to see me being mentioned more and more in the online AIO community. Whod've thought little ol' me could become so popular. =P

08/03/2012 7:01am

I love your site Old Judge. It is long,but enjoyable!

T.S. (myself)
08/03/2012 10:08am

Thank you, Old Judge! There's a lot going on in the online Odyssey world! And congratulations, Pound Foolish, on your first article for Just Another Odyssey Blog.

08/04/2012 12:21pm

Wonderful, Old Judge. Wonderful. Yes, I heard the latest episode of TWEP. I was incredibly surprised that Bren would release a new episode after so long. And The AIO Fan's Life is back too! I've never really considered that as much of an AIO blog, (I think it should be called The Christian's Life.) but that's still exciting. And thanks for mentioning PF's article. I knew I had to get him on my site before some other scheming AIO blog webmaster would, as I realized people would get bored of just reading stuff by me and that JAAIOB shouldn't be a one-man show. He's a lot better at writing articles than me, and I hope to give him a bigger spotlight in the future. Thanks for the post!


08/04/2012 3:18pm

The mix part of it was a mix up...and not actually originally planned.... But otherwise, the takeover was interesting. So glad power was returned to the proper people.


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