Hello, I'm back. The title does have a meaning. As we all know, Jared was a massive conspiracy theorist, who was always into secret agents and the like. Well, The Unofficial AIO Blog has released his new fan fiction story: "Jason & Mitch: Secret Agents". The first installment involves Mitch, Jason, Agent Bourland, (It's been a while, hasn't it?), and a sinking boat. It is amazing, so go check it out. The link is http://unofficialaioblog.blogspot.com/p/jason-and-mitch-secret-agents.html Also, the second installment has just been released, and in it we meet a very interesting villain. Let me say, this certain villain is one of my favorites ever, so now I am very intrigued. Also, speaking of "Jason & Mitch:Secret Agents", Alex Jefferson from Just Another AIO Blog has released his review of it. If you want to read the review, here is the link: http://www.justanotheraioblog.blogspot.com/2012/07/aio-article-jason-and-mitch-secret.html
Also, I would like to say something about Simon really quickly. He will be used in moderation. He might do a few Courtroom cases, and he will help me review episodes of Adventures in Odyssey. After all, his kids are on the show. But, when and if we talk, it will be done in script format. Just so you know, Simon will not be replacing me. (I know when you read that all of you said, "Man! I thought he was gone!". No, you're stuck with me.)

On to the next news. Apparently yesterday, the Adventures in Odyssey team released the cover of a new devotional book on its Facebook page. The book plans to be released in the fall. Two devotional books in one season. Hey, I like it, and I'll probably get both. I've showed you before. Currently Adventures in Odyssey only has one devotional book, and Dylan and Sherman are on its cover. So you know how long its been since there's been a new devotional book. Anyway, here's the cover:
The book is titled "Whit's End Mealtime Moments" and is written by John Avery Whittaker. Now, you'd think the Odyssey staff would have thought about writing a book from an Odyssey character's perspective before. I know they did it with Passages, but devotions, they haven't. This format is much better. Here is a narrator telling the story:

"After talking to Connie at Whit's End, Matthew went and apologized to Camilla."

Here is an Odyssey character telling the story:

"I was walking out to the counter when I heard Connie in the middle of a deep talk with Matthew. She was telling him why it was wrong to do what he did to Camilla and why he should apologize. It was truly heartwarming. Connie has truly matured in her Christian life over the years. The next day, I ran into Eva, who told me that Matthew had reconciled with Camilla, and everything was fine." 

One more thing, the only summary we have is that the book will contain "faith-building ideas your kids will eat up!" Ah, yes. I love corny Odyssey humor.
Well, on July 9, a new Adventures in Odyssey fan podcast was started. It's called the "World Famous Odyssey Podcast", or WOD-FAM-OD-POD. It is run by Ryan Matlock and Christopher Thompson. In Episode 1, Ryan gives the AIO news, and an anchorman named Joshua tells a random story. Not just random. LONG and random. Then podcast host Christopher Thompson talks about his dreams for the podcast. Also, the podcast did a unique job of giving us an inside look at Odyssey through the eyes of a boy named Tommy. The podcast is on iTunes, so big bonus for me. The link to the website is http://wodfamodpod.posterous.com/ . There was an update on The Adventures in Odyssey Blog about this, and Austin Peachey said it rivals The Ceiling Fan. However, I have never heard the Ceiling Fan. I was expecting something like the Boredom Buster Podcast, the Adventures in Odyssey BlogCast, or the Official Podcast. No. What I heard was unique. Not bad, UNIQUE. VERY unique. 

Speaking of The Ceiling Fan, Garrett Vandenburg has given us a teaser of the new Ceiling Fan episode that is supposed to come out. He also said it would come out SOON. About the episode, though. Garrett said it would be a special, but that's all I know about it. Maybe this teaser will reveal something.

 Let me talk about Campbell County for a while. As you all know, (Yeah, all two of you that read this, if that.), the Campbell County Message Boards restarted after roughly a month's dormancy. However, there was no activity on it. A couple posts here and there. Me, CreativeThinker101, Bren, that was it. Then we got HannahJ. She helped a little bit, but one person can only do so much. I honestly thought Campbell County would shut down again, until this weekend. Then we got a user named "mymustang12". She put out an urgent cry for help on the Soda Shop, and people responded. The place still doesn't have that much activity, but it's picked up a lot. Thank you so very much, mymustang12.

But the news for Campbell County is: elections for county commissioner are back! The 9th CC Election is currently in process. So far, only CreativeThinker101 and mymustang12 are on the ballot. Basically, county commissioner is an administrator. The term lasts for three months. To be on the ballot, you have to have 500 seashells, the currency of Campbell County. So if any CC members want to run, or anybody wants to join, go ahead. The link is http://www.campbellcountymb.com/ . One more thing, I don't know if he wants me to say this, but pray for Bren. He's currently in the search of a job, so just add him to your prayer list if you could. He means a lot to the Adventures in Odyssey fan community. Also, if you're on The Soda Shop or Campbell County, tell him you're praying for him. I know from experience that one little comment or piece of encouragement can change someone's disposition entirely. 

Okay, I don't always post about other sites, but this is different. Suzylou, one of my two readers, has her own blog where she posts her phtography, and she's really good, so go and check that out. However, if there's any of you All-American Manly Men out there, I'm warning you, it's pink, flowery, and girly. YOU'VE BEEN WARNED! But, she put my link on her site, so thank you very much Suzylou. I'm just some Odyssey website that nobody knows about and only two people read, so I need all the help I can get. The link to her site is http://www.suesuesstories.blogspot.com/ .

One more thing: Expect the next Courtroom case next week. I know it's been a long time, but I truly have been busy. I will get back to it. And, hey, you always have the other Courtrooms. Simon will do one hopefully before the month's out, but that's still in the planning stages. It might not come to fruition. Oh, well, that's all for now, so stay tuned, and I hope you enjoy Twists and Turns!
                                                                                                                  ---The Old Judge

T.S. (myself)
07/17/2012 10:21pm

Thank you for the news. There are now Odyssey devotions? I'll have to tell my family that.

07/18/2012 7:18am

Great Job!! I love your site more and more!


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