Originally, I said I would never do interviews, but then I thought about an interesting project. I will be interviewing people with Adventures in Odyssey fan sites. So, who's up for Round 1? Jacob Isom? Brendon McFarland? Some amazingly famous person? No. But this man runs the most well-update Adventures in Odyssey fan sites: The Adventures in Odyssey Update. Yes, I will be interviewing David Hilder.  

The Old Judge: When did you start listening to Adventures in Odyssey?

David Hilder: I think I was around four years old when I first heard it on the radio. For many years after that I listened to it every evening when it came on the radio. I still listen to it almost every day.

The Old Judge: What was your inspiration to start the AIO Update?

David Hilder: I was super excited about checking Odyssey news everyday, so I decided I may as well compile all the news items I found in one place. I also wanted to create my own unique content. So I started writing "Editorials" to offer my own opinions about AIO.

The Old Judge: How did you become such an above-and-beyond source of Adventures in Odyssey news?

David Hilder: I just try to find updates wherever I can because I'm always pretty excited about upcoming albums or books.

The Old Judge: Does anyone help you with your site, or do you do it solo?

David Hilder: I run the AIO Update by myself.

The Old Judge: What is your favorite Adventures in Odyssey episode, and why?

David Hilder: It depends, but currently my favorite episode is "It's A Pokenberry Christmas, because I really like how it's based on the movie "It's A Wondeful Life", and it's always good to hear from the Barclays again.

The Old Judge: What is your favorite Adventures in Odyssey album, and why?

David Hilder: I like Album 25: Darkness Before Dawn for the action, intrigue, and suspense, but I also really enjoy Album 28: Welcome Home for its focus on a lot of meaningful issues and its recurring theme of following God's will. 

The Old Judge: What is your favorite Adventures in Odyssey saga, and why?

David Hilder: The Novacom Saga is my favorite because I think it is the most mysterious of all the AIO sagas. It always grabs my full attention.

The Old Judge: What future plans do you have for the Update?

David Hilder: I don't have any specific future plans. My hope is to continue reporting the news and to add more detail to the site.

The Old Judge: What is your favorite Adventures in Odyssey character?

David Hilder: Connie Kendall. She makes things more dramatic and interesting.

The Old Judge: What is your favorite era of Adventures in Odyssey? The Classic Era (1987-1996), The Herlinger Era (1997-2008), or The Stojkan Era (2010-Present)?

David Hilder: My favorite time of Adventures in Odyssey doesn't exactly fall into one of those three eras. I probably like 1994-1998 the most, although, it's hard to choose.

The Old Judge: Have you ever met an Adventures in Odyssey actor?

David Hilder: No. You don't see many in Canada, which is where I live.

The Old Judge: Have you ever been to an Adventures in Odyssey live show?

David Hilder: No.

The Old Judge: Are there any Adventures in Odyssey fan sites that you frequent?

David Hilder: I love the AIOWiki because it's a vast source of information. When I'm looking for news I look at every fan site I can find.

The Old Judge: Are there any Adventures in Odyssey podcasts that you listen to?

David Hilder: The Official Podcast and The ScoopCast are the two main ones I listen to regularly. But I'm always looking for more.

The Old Judge: What do you think of Twists and Turns?

David Hilder: Twists and Turns is nice in a lot of ways. One main way is that it is a great monitor of all the updates on all the various AIO fan sites.

The Old Judge: If you could write an Adventures in Odyssey episode, what would it be about?

David Hilder: It would be about Whit going through some difficult situation that shakes his faith, but ultimately causes him to reaffirm his full trust in Jesus to get through the storm.

Thank you, David, for putting up with my long, rambly interview, and for you the reader for putting up with me during this whole affair. Well, that's all for now, but another special post will be out on Monday, so stay tuned, and I hope you enjoy Twists and Turns!
                                                                                                                              ---The Old Judge


07/28/2012 2:56pm

This is awesome Old Judge. Who will you be interviewing next?

T.S. (myself)
07/28/2012 8:46pm

Wow! That was great! I am fairly new to the AiO online community, so things like this help me a lot. Thank you, Old Judge!

07/29/2012 9:54am

I love interviews! And though I'm not exactly a regular reader of The AIO Update, it was nice hearing from the webmaster of it.


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