Hello, again. Thanks to Alex Jefferson and JoyfulG for referencing Twists and Turns on their sites. This really is a hard site to find. I have to either type in the whole address, or I go to the Unofficial AIO Blog to link to my site, and I'm the person who made this!

Okay, time to explain the very interesting Whit's End Podcast logo. This is my story. I got up this morning, and went online to moderate the Soda Shop. At 3:15 AM Central Standard Time, a new user named Frank posted on The Whit's End Podcast's topic. I had asked Bren a couple of days ago when Episode 74 would be out, because only one episode has been released this year. So any way, Frank posted and said that he was an intern at The Whit's End Podcast for the summer. He said he wasn't sure if he should release this, but to check it out: http://archive.org/download/74Promo/74promo.mp3 Apparently it's a promotion, short though it may be, of Episode 74. When I asked Frank when the episode would be out, Bren said he couldn't tell. So this will have to hold us until then.

Now, some Twists and Turns news. I've updated my trivia feature just a little bit, and I put The Whit's End Podcast and The Official Site on my Imagination Station page. Happy birthday to Fodo14, by the way. He's the host of the Boredom Buster Podcast. If you're on the Soda Shop or The Town of Odyssey, tell him happy birthday. He's helped me quite a bit with getting the word out about my website Also, about The Courthouse. I have decided on a topic to kick it off. It will be my opinions on whether or not Wooton and Penny should get married. I know, it's a controversial topic. As I will try to do, I will give an indepth look, (That's on my logo!), at all aspects of the idea. Now that I've said that, if anybody reads this, I'll be bugged on the Soda Shop about what my opinions are. Well, that's all for now, so stay tuned, and I hope you enjoy Twists and Turns!
                                                                                                                           ---The Old Judge


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