Yes, it's true. Me, the noble moderator of the Soda Shop Message Boards. I am now a ToOer, as well. I must admit, it has been quite fun. Leonard Meltsner and TigerintheShadows have been especially fun to debate, and I will be talking about the former somewhat on this post today. Anyway, for those of you out of the loop, the Town of Odyssey will be having its Twenty-fifth Town Election. The only team that raised enough funding was Moosewood, composed of Knight Fisher and Woody. So, now I need to know who to vote for...

Also, there is a new Courtroom out today on Odyssey Time. Ooohhhh..... Yeah, it was interesting to right down. That's probably going to cause a stir, my opinions on that. But I believe it's one of the best pieces of opinion I've ever written, and I hope you'll take the time to jump over there and read it.
The Adventures in Odyssey Blog had their fifth anniversary back in July, and that's a wonderful milestone. Good job on staying strong Austin and Tasha, and not being like me and all the other fair-weather Odyssey bloggers. They put up some Album 57 wallpaper for all of us to enjoy, as well as a picture of the back cover of Album 57. It has Barrett on the back, and his trombone! Also, they had their Second Edition of AIO Mad Gab. I got all of the answers correct, but I lost. Of course. So, go check those things out.

Who remembers Devon and Victoria Francis? They were the people that appeared quite a few times on the BlogCast. Anyway, they started their own video podcast, as you can clearly see to the left of this, called the Adventures in Odyssey Oddcast. This is absolutely amazing. They sit on an old tacky couch in their basement and talk Odyssey for about an hour each episode. I have so much fun watching their episodes. If you haven't started watching it, make a change. They will be interviewing Austin and Tasha Peachey very soon, so send in questions to them at For the links to all of their episodes, go to

Alex Jefferson made a surprise return right before I did with a mega-post. Literally. It's called "The 100 Greatest AIO Episodes of All Time (In My Opinion)." Check it out:

And Alex's sister, who goes by the name of Novatom on the Soda Shop, just so you know, has started her own Odyssey blog. It's called "The Blog Starts Here", named after her favorite episode. It's always a good thing to support the new bloggers that come into the fandom, so go over and give her a compliment, (or at least a page view).

The first Spanish season of Adventures in Odyssey is set to air in September. This has been a project three years in the making, and it is bound to be a wonderful outreach for the Hispanic population of the U.S. and Latin America. It will be called "Adventuras en Odisea." For more information, go to the AIO Update at

Allow me to put in one small advertisement before I sign out. The Brinkman Adventures, a wonderful new missions and family-oriented audio drama debuts its second season tomorrow. Hopefully. It's been a while since I've talked with the creator, and something may have come up. Anyhoo, you can learn more about the Brinkmans at or their Facebook page: 

In closing, I would like to state that the digital download is out on the Christian Book Distributors website, and The Pilot, Part 2 is out on iTunes. You'll be hearing a lot more about that in the coming days from everybody else, so I won't bother you with it. If you read this, thanks for sticking with me through four months. TNT turned one year old on June 8, and I must admit, this has been one strange year, but God's been good. Just like He always has been. So, in closing, thanks for sticking with me. Be sure to check back often, and I hope you enjoy Twists and Turns!
                                                                                                      ---The Old Judge


09/01/2013 6:52pm

Yes! You're back! This is probably the most fun website for AIO bloggers. I look forward to more posts!

Pound Foolish
09/06/2013 7:42pm

good post, as ever. Thanks for posting again, missed you.

09/07/2013 1:02pm

Good to see TOJ on the TOO and back on TnT! I've missed my dose of Twists and Turns.


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