Well, I missed my two month anniversary due to my absence, so consider this a special post marking my achievement. Once again, I find it sad that quite a number of Adventures in Odyssey fan sites only last a month or two. So I try and give something special every month or so. So to mark two months of existence for Twists and Turns, I am hosting an interview with Christian A. from The Voice of Odyssey. For those of you who don't know, Christian A. is one of the most devoted Odyssey fans out there, running the Voice since March 24, 2010, and has a very outspoken testimony. Well, let's begin the interview.

The Old Judge: Whe did you first start listening to Adventures in Odyssey?

Christian A.: I'm not sure of the exact age, but I was around six or seven when my mom got me my first set. It was the special, limited-edition 10 CD set, which you can see here on The Odyssey Scoop.

The Old Judge: What was the first episode you ever listened to?

Christian A.: Well, since my first set was the one mentioned above, I believe the first episode could have been "Connie Comes to Town". But that may not be totally accurate, because I think I may have known about Odyssey from the radio or tapes from Chick-fil-A before that. So I can't really say for sure.

The Old Judge: What inspired you to start The Voice of Odyssey?

Christian A.: Oh, boy. Well, it was really inspired by Josh from The AIO Fan's Life. He and I met on The Odyssey Scoop comments and had all of our conversations there until he showed me his blog. And eventually, he urged me to ask my parents if I could start my own blog, since I felt that I had so much to say about thte Album 51 episodes that were coming out. So I asked, and my parents totally surprised me by saying yes! And the rest is history!

The Old Judge: Does anybody help you on your blog, or do you do it solo?

Christian A.: Nope, I do it all myself. I do get some of my ideas and points for my reviews for others on occasion, but the vast majority comes from my own feeble brain.

The Old Judge: Do you have any future plans for your blog, and if so, what are they?

Christian A.: Gee, I really don't want to think about the future. I just hope I can keep it going. Life continues to get more and more hectic for me, and it's all I can do to post an update every couple of weeks. I just hope that I can keep reviewing every episode as it comes out. That's really my only goal.

The Old Judge: What is your favorite Adventures in Odyssey episode of all time, and why?

Christian A.: Why does everyone always ask this question?! No, it's alright. It's just hard. The episode that always comes to my mind is when I'm asked this question is The Search for Whit, Parts I, II, and III. I'm not entirely sure, but I've always liked this show, and I never really get tired of it. You're not going to get much more out of me than that.

The Old Judge: What is your favorite Adventures in Odyssey album of all time, and why?

Christian A.: My favorite album... I'm not sure if anyone has ever asked me that one. Good question. Although I don't own it, I really like In Hot Pursuit--Album 41, where Connie and Joanne go on a roadtrip to Washington D.C. where she ends up almost marrying Mitch. It also has some great single episodes like Do or Diet and The Mailman Cometh. Yeah, I think I'd have to say #41.

The Old Judge: What is your favorite Adventures in Odyssey saga of all time, and why?

Christian A.: Well, although Backgaard comes close, I think I have to agree with almost everyone else and say Novacom. It was an amazing accomplishment by the AIO team, and it really hasn't been matched by anyhting else they've ever done. Great plot, great characters, great suspense, great ending. Maybe they can make something like it in the future, but I think Novacom will always hold a special place in every AIO fan's heart.

The Old Judge: Who is your favorite actor to voice Whit?

Christian A.: Oh, boy, this is a tough one. I can definitely say--NOT Andre Stojka! But choosing between Paul Herlinger and Hal Smith is harder. I suspect that if I had been a fan of Odyssey earlier on, I would say Hal Smith, but the time I was born, Paul Herlinger was already in place. So while I really like Hal Smith's Whit, I guess I would have to say Paul Herlinger. He was always great at giving wisdom and advice, and he was amazing in all the action/adventure episodes he acted in.

The Old Judge: What do you think of the current era of Adventures in Odyssey?

Christian A.: Egh. I mean, the Odyssey writers have shelled out some great stories for us. But there hasn't been much heart. There have been good episodes in every album, but there have been few GREAT ones. And another problem I've had is that the episodes are all about morals. Now, that's not necessarily a bad thing, but when it's all morals and laws and legalism, and there's no talk about how we cannot naturally obey and pleae God, and Jesus had to please God for us, you can end up with hypocrites or Pharisees who think that they're pleasing God by keeping the law. AIO needs to be careful that it doesn't seperate the moral message of the Bible from the gospel message of the Bible, which tells us that we can never be good enough for God. Our hearts are corrupt by nature, and we need Jesus to be good enough for us. We need His righteousness, and nothing else will please God. APart from Him, we face eternal damnation. Well, that was a long, complicated answer. Sorry if that was more than you were asking for.

The Old Judge: What are your opinions on Andre Stojka? Has he gotten better in the role, worse, or what?

Christian A.: Boy, Andre Stojka. I suppose he's grown into the role a little with the 5 albums he's worked on. But he hasn't really grown on me. Eever since I became convinced he isn't a Christian, I've not been able to genuinely like him. I mean, if you're playing Mister Whittaker, you should at least share his faith if you're going to add any heart and soul to the role. But from what I can tell, Andre makes no Christian profession, so I can't get over that, and I don't know if I'll ever like his job as Whit.

The Old Judge: What are your thoughts on upcoming Album 56:The Grand Design?

Christian A.: I'm pretty excited for it. Some of the episodes really intrigue me. (See my latest blog post for more on that.) I was pretty pleased with Album 55, so while I'm hoping that Album 56 will continue the gradual improvements, I'm not getting my expectations too high, because I don't want to be disappointed. But so far, everything looks good, and I think we're in for an enjoyable new season of episodes.

The Old Judge: Who is your favorite Adventures in Odyssey character, before and after the hiatus?

Christian A.: Oh, man. Another hard question. This one I really don't know if I can answer. I think I've said before that Jimmy Barclay is one that stands out. Believe it or not, Connie is actually a very relatable character for me. She seems to struggle with a lot of the same things I do, so I am usually helped greatly when she receives advice from Whit. (At least, in the old days, before Andre.) After the hiatus.....I guess Matthew Parker is a pretty good character. Ryan Cummings as well. I guess if I had to pick one, I'd say Ryan.

The Old Judge: Who is your least favorite Adventures in Odyssey character, before and after the hiatus?

Christian A.: Now this could be a bit easier. After the hiatus....(drumroll please)....Penny Wise! She seems to bring out the worst in everybody. She makes Wooton forget his values and fall for someone he knows next to nothing about, and she brought Connie's guard down when it came to meditation and the false teachings of Doctor Trask. I just don't think she's good for Odyssey. I don't know what prompted the writers to make her such a big character. Before the hiatus is a little more difficult. There were always minor characters that rubbed me the wrong way: Erica Clark, Courtney, Kim, Jeff.....But I can't really think of any specific character who I thought was totally unnecessary, as in the case of Penny.

The Old Judge: Are there any Adventures in Odyssey fan podcasts you listen to?

Christian A.: Oh, I LOVED the Unofficial Podcast back in the day when they were up and going. I was so sad to see them go. All other fan podcasts pale in comparison to that one. The Ceiling Fan is a bit too silly for me. The Whit's End Podcast I just really don't listen to, for personal reasons. I like Dave's AIO review podcasts. His thoughts are fun to listen to. And then there's always the Official Podcast, which is mildly entertaining, but I don't even listen to every episode they release. It probably boils down to the fact that I don't have time to listen to podcasts anymore. Unless it looks interesting enough that I put it on my mp3 player, I probably won't listen to it.

The Old Judge: Are there any Adventures in Odyssey fan sites that you frequent?

Christian A.: Well, the ones that I frequent a lot include The Town of Odyssey, The Odyssey Scoop, AIOWiki, and The AIO Fan's Life, (when it's being updated), and The Changing Times. All the rest I visit semi-frequently, but I'm not really attached to any of them.

The Old Judge: What are your opinions on my site, Twists and Turns?

Christian A.: Well, I won't lie and say that I go there very often. But I just gave it a full once-over this morning, and I was genuinely impressed. Your "Imagination Station" page is very thorough, and I like how you include an icon with every site. Your features are interesting and very well-formatted. And your blog posts are very inclusive---meaning you cover absolutely everything. Kind of like how I was when I started my blog..... Anyway, it is a very good website. It stands out, and it's obvious you're a big fan of the show and you care about its future. My advice to you would be just to keep trying to improve your writing skills so that you can write reviews that people will look forward to. That's really the key to maintaining a great website.

The Old Judge: If you could write an Adventures in Odyssey episode, what would it be about?

Christian A.: I wouldn't really know where to start. If you're interested, I wrote this "Episode Idea" for the "Chicken Soup" section of The Odyssey Scoop about a year ago.

"Falling Up"

Matthew Parker starts noticing disappearances all over town. First, it's only streetlights and stop signs here and there. Then, plants and trees start vanishing from right where they were standing. But the trouble comes when one of the kids in his class at school disappears completely. So Matthew convinces Emily to help him interview the kid's parents about the vanishing. But, after a few days, more kids and even adults start disappearing. The Jones & Parker Detective Agency is forced to go on a stakeout. All the facts point to Mister Whittaker as the next victim. They keep watch in the bushes at his house, particularly looking for anything above his house. And just as the clock tower in the middle of town strikes 12 A.M., a UFO appears at the top of Whit's house. Matthew struggles to wake Emily up as a strange white beam shoots out of the middle of the strange floating spacecraft. Whit is pulled up through the air into the ship, and then the whole thing disappears. The next morning, Connie hears from Lawrence Hodges and Jared DeWhite that they plan to come back to town and disprove all this nonsense. Coming soon to a radio near you.

The Old Judge: What are your opnions on Wooton and Penny as a couple?

Christian A.: Oh, don't even get me started. I already stated that I really don't like Penny as a character. So when she's paired with one of Odyssey's most beloved characters, thats'one of the worst mistakes the Odyssey team could have made. She and Wooton just aren't a likable couple. And I'd really like to hear more about her religious beliefs before I could become comfortable with Wooton, a Christian, entering a relationship with her. That's all I'll say for now. I may write a blog post about this in the future.

Well, I hope you liked that interview. I know it was long, but we got some good answers from a good person. Well, that's all for now, so stay tuned, and I hope you enjoy Twists and Turns!
                                                                                                                      ---The Old Judge
Originally, I said I would never do interviews, but then I thought about an interesting project. I will be interviewing people with Adventures in Odyssey fan sites. So, who's up for Round 1? Jacob Isom? Brendon McFarland? Some amazingly famous person? No. But this man runs the most well-update Adventures in Odyssey fan sites: The Adventures in Odyssey Update. Yes, I will be interviewing David Hilder.  

The Old Judge: When did you start listening to Adventures in Odyssey?

David Hilder: I think I was around four years old when I first heard it on the radio. For many years after that I listened to it every evening when it came on the radio. I still listen to it almost every day.

The Old Judge: What was your inspiration to start the AIO Update?

David Hilder: I was super excited about checking Odyssey news everyday, so I decided I may as well compile all the news items I found in one place. I also wanted to create my own unique content. So I started writing "Editorials" to offer my own opinions about AIO.

The Old Judge: How did you become such an above-and-beyond source of Adventures in Odyssey news?

David Hilder: I just try to find updates wherever I can because I'm always pretty excited about upcoming albums or books.

The Old Judge: Does anyone help you with your site, or do you do it solo?

David Hilder: I run the AIO Update by myself.

The Old Judge: What is your favorite Adventures in Odyssey episode, and why?

David Hilder: It depends, but currently my favorite episode is "It's A Pokenberry Christmas, because I really like how it's based on the movie "It's A Wondeful Life", and it's always good to hear from the Barclays again.

The Old Judge: What is your favorite Adventures in Odyssey album, and why?

David Hilder: I like Album 25: Darkness Before Dawn for the action, intrigue, and suspense, but I also really enjoy Album 28: Welcome Home for its focus on a lot of meaningful issues and its recurring theme of following God's will. 

The Old Judge: What is your favorite Adventures in Odyssey saga, and why?

David Hilder: The Novacom Saga is my favorite because I think it is the most mysterious of all the AIO sagas. It always grabs my full attention.

The Old Judge: What future plans do you have for the Update?

David Hilder: I don't have any specific future plans. My hope is to continue reporting the news and to add more detail to the site.

The Old Judge: What is your favorite Adventures in Odyssey character?

David Hilder: Connie Kendall. She makes things more dramatic and interesting.

The Old Judge: What is your favorite era of Adventures in Odyssey? The Classic Era (1987-1996), The Herlinger Era (1997-2008), or The Stojkan Era (2010-Present)?

David Hilder: My favorite time of Adventures in Odyssey doesn't exactly fall into one of those three eras. I probably like 1994-1998 the most, although, it's hard to choose.

The Old Judge: Have you ever met an Adventures in Odyssey actor?

David Hilder: No. You don't see many in Canada, which is where I live.

The Old Judge: Have you ever been to an Adventures in Odyssey live show?

David Hilder: No.

The Old Judge: Are there any Adventures in Odyssey fan sites that you frequent?

David Hilder: I love the AIOWiki because it's a vast source of information. When I'm looking for news I look at every fan site I can find.

The Old Judge: Are there any Adventures in Odyssey podcasts that you listen to?

David Hilder: The Official Podcast and The ScoopCast are the two main ones I listen to regularly. But I'm always looking for more.

The Old Judge: What do you think of Twists and Turns?

David Hilder: Twists and Turns is nice in a lot of ways. One main way is that it is a great monitor of all the updates on all the various AIO fan sites.

The Old Judge: If you could write an Adventures in Odyssey episode, what would it be about?

David Hilder: It would be about Whit going through some difficult situation that shakes his faith, but ultimately causes him to reaffirm his full trust in Jesus to get through the storm.

Thank you, David, for putting up with my long, rambly interview, and for you the reader for putting up with me during this whole affair. Well, that's all for now, but another special post will be out on Monday, so stay tuned, and I hope you enjoy Twists and Turns!
                                                                                                                              ---The Old Judge