Well, The Courtroom Case 004: "The Old Judge's Verdict on Whit's Curiosities" is out. I know I said it would be out on Saturday, but hey, it's better to be released earlier than later, right? I hope you like it. It required more pictures than normal, but they were well-placed and had a purpose. In other news on the site, sometime next week I plan to update my Odyssey Actors: Then And Now feature.

Finally, after waiting, and waiting, and waiting, Fodo14 finally released BBP Episode #7: Interview with David Griffin, Part 3!!!
The summary for the episode is, "Our third part of our interview with David Griffin, voice of Jimmy Barclay. He talks about Jimmy getting married, and acting on the show!" I listened to it, and each part of this interview keeps getting better and better. Thank you to Fodo14, by the way, for mentioning my site on his podcast.  Anyway, the final part of the interview is supposed to be released on the fourth, according to Fodo14.  If you haven't listened to the episode yet, download it now. It's amazing!

Well, I said I would give you my opinions on The Official Podcast #150 and The Adventures in Odyssey BlogCast #37. Well, the Official. I loved the whole protest format. Brock Eastman playing darts with Maureen's face as a dartboard and other comments like Townsend disguised as a protester to take down the "criminal organization and its leader", or the actor who plays Mrs. Kramer having her voicemail say, "...You like me. You really like me!" had me laughing and grinning from ear to ear. Then the BlogCast. Remember, this is the first episode of it I've ever listened to, and I loved it. I liked the interview with Zach Callison. I thought it was interesting that he was from Saint Louis. Most child actors lived in California instead of moving halfway across the country to pursue their acting dreams. Austin and Tasha did a good job. They had good sound quality, and they were very organized in how they did their podcast. Everything was very official and organized. I could tell they've done it before. Now there was something in there you might have missed. Zach referenced twice about an Album 56 episode. He said he couldn't say anything about it, but he said more than he thought. He said it was the episode he acted in that effected him the most, and that it made him think. He said when people hear it, they'll know what episode it is, and that we'll all like it, too. And finally he said that it was "all about church and family". So now we know what another Album 56 episode will be about. Well, that's all for now, so stay tuned, and I hope you enjoy Twists and Turns!
                                                                                                                   ---The Old Judge


06/29/2012 6:22pm

I love the podcast comments. Nice job

Austin Peachey
06/29/2012 7:13pm

Thanks for your kind comments. I'm glad you enjoyed the interview! Make sure to listen to our past episodes, too. I'm sure you'll like those as well!

07/01/2012 10:44am

Nice post. There is a lot of podcast news, isn't there?


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