Hello again to all of my three readers out there. I know it's a day late, but at least I'm posting. And I'm sure you won't be too angry when you find out a new Courtroom is out. Thanks to Josh from Out of COntrol in Odyssey for suggesting this topic to me. It is "The Old Judge's Verdict on Mister Jason Whittaker from the Time of His Death to His Becoming the Stiletto". Hopefully I did good on it, but whether I did or not, you can tell me by commenting.

Let's start off with what is quickly becoming one of my favorite Adventures in Odyssey blogs, Adventures in Odyssey Thoughts, run by Victoria Donahue. She has released two new posts this week, one humorous and one a deep, thought-provoking one. You can check those out at http://aiothoughts.blogspot.com/ .
I have know idea how old this is, but Album 56: The Grand Design is hitting Christian bookstores across the country in hard copy format. Also, the back cover has been released, thanks to FreddyJay of the Campbell County Connection for showing this to me.
I know, it's a tiny image, but blowing it up would have made it blurry. I tried. Well, we're having some variety in the character on the back. After having Whit, Connie, Eugene, Wooton, (The Odyssey Big Four), and one cameo appearance by Jason, we now have Miss Penny Wise take center stage for the spotlight she deserves.
Audio Theatre Central has released a new podcast in which they interview Dave Griffin and Paul McCusker, with Dave giving us some inside tips on his upcoming audio drama: Edwin & the Orbs! And apparently Paul talks about the upcoming production of Oliver Twist in Focus on the Family's Radio Theatre. You guys can check that out at this link: http://www.audiotheatrecentral.com/2012/08/jave-griffin-interview-paul-mccusker-interview.html .

Josh and Ally have released several new posts, including an hilarious new video about the Get in the Show contest, and a review of Taken by Brock Eastman. Also, according to them, a new feature will be relased on their blog later this week. You can check those out at http://odysseyoutofcontrol.blogspot.com/ .

Wooton Bassett of the Unofficial AIO Blog has released an interview with Garrett Vandenburg, voice of Aaron Wiley on The Ceiling Fan and cohost of The Odyssey ScoopCast. 'Twas a very good interview. Speaking of which, hopefully I should have an interview up soon. You can check that one out at http://unofficialaioblog.blogspot.com/ .

Do you now how you're talking about something, and then somebody takes the ending of a sentence and uses it as a sentence starter for a whole new topic? You know how amazing that sounds if it's done just right? Well, you're about to hear one.

Installment 5 of Jason & Mitch: Secret Agents is out. It involves a diner scene, a mysterious letter, and the return of another character. Do you want to know who it is? It's Jared, otherwise known as Agent 3XQ. You can read this latest installment here: http://unofficialaioblog.blogspot.com/p/jason-and-mitch-secret-agents.html .

And speaking of Agent 3XQ, he had a blog a while back called "The Agent's Blog". His last post was in November, when he gave a coded message that said, "Not gone forever." Well, he's bad, and he's just as zany as ever. You can check his blog out at http://agent-3xq.blogspot.com/ .

Episode 154 of the Official Adventures in Odyssey Podcast was relased, as well, and we hear about ANOTHER Get in the Show contest, as well as the contest's theme song. I really like Doctor Brock Lee (Ha, Ha, Broccoli!) in this episode. Aparently churches can come together to make a team video, and it's a musical one. It also states that the contest had over 3,000 entries! Wow! Personally, I can't wait to see who will win.

Ben Warren of the Changing Times has released HIS review of "Taken" by Brock Eastman. Two reviews of the same book in one week by two different sites. Oh, well. You can check that out at http://aio-thechangingtimes.blogspot.com/ .

Several days ago Austin released his wallpaper for Album 56, which you can see below. Though this is just a short little tidbit, I thought this should be shown.

Album 56 Wallpaper, Courtesy of The Adventures in Odyssey Blog.
Pound Foolish has released the first of a series of articles that he will be doing for Just Another AIO Blog, called "Pound Foolish Wisdom". Now, it's time for a trivia question: If Pound Foolish does reviews on Odyssey characters, who will be his first pick? *Anybody reading this instantly thinks, "Emily....." all at the same time* That's correct, folks! You can check this VERY lengthy article out at http://justanotheraioblog.blogspot.com/2012/08/aio-article-pound-foolish-wisdom-1-82112.html .

And speaking of Pound Foolish, he has started a blog! Trivia Question #2: What is his first post about? *All of you instantly think, "Emily............again".* That's correct! We all must be getting psychic. You can check that out at http://www.campbellcountymb.com/f86-pound-foolish-s-blog .

Wow! What is this? Episode 3 of the WOD-FAM-OD-POD?!?!  Yes, everybody, it is true, Ryan released his third episode yesterday, and things are becoming more of a show format than the first two episodes, which were more of acquainting us with the characters than having a podcast, per say. Here's the summary: "We take a sneak peek at KYDS Radio at Whit's End; Ryan is leaving on a road trip, and Josh is in charge. How will Josh do managing the podcast while Ryan is gone?; New music for the AIO news and Chris' review segment." So, this sounds very interesting. I can't wait to listen to it. You can check that out at http://wodfamodpod.posterous.com/ .

Now, I don't know if this is a glitch, but I went on iTunes today on the Ceiling Fan's list of episodes, and at the top it said, "Episode 46: Nabbed". However, this is not even on their website yet, and considering I currently do not listen to the Ceiling Fan, I don't know if that is official or not. I just thought you guys would like to know. So, the saga continues! 

Well, in Twists and Turns news, I added Josh and Ally to Cast & Crew: Take 2, and I've updated my Trivia feature somewhat. Yes, it still lives. It will eventually be a nice collection of trivia, but it grows very slowly. Well, I'm sorry this post is late, but I hope it was worth the wait. Please tell me what you think of this post and the new additions in the comments. That's all for now, so stay tuned, and I hope you enjoy Twists and Turns!
                                                                                                               ---The Old Judge

I know, it is an exceptionally long title, but you will find out about that later. First, some Twists and Turns news. I have now updated my Imagination Station page quite extensively, adding such sites as The Agent's Blog or Mandy Straussberg's Life.
Out of Control in Odyssey has released their new Sunday Morning Scramble School, on "Christianity: Fact or Fiction". It is one of their best posts yet, as their posts continue to get better and better. You can check that out at http://odysseyoutofcontrol.blogspot.com/ .

Alex Jefferson of Just Another AIO Blog has released a review of "Wooton Knows Best", and his interview with Nathan Hoobler! You can check that out at http://justanotheraioblog.blogspot.com/ .

Also, Alex has released his latest installment of Adventures in Connellsville. This is the best installment by far, and the longest. This installment covers a band, Ed Washington's brothers, and snow cones in an alley. You can check that out at http://justanotheraioblog.blogspot.com/p/adventures-in-connellsville.html .

Okay, here's some interesting news. I have some information from a "very reliable source" (aka Bren, thepodcast's founder) that some BIG changes are in store for The Whit's End Podcast. I hardly know anything about it, but if I Bren will let me I will divulge what little information about this next phase of TWEP that I have. Until then, you can check out previous podcasts at this link. http://thewepodcast.com/podcasts.html .

Anyway, The Ceiling Fan Podcast has released their live show as you can tell by the logo on the left. If I can say something, that is an awesome logo. "It's epic like nobody's business." That's hilarious. But, anyway, here's the summary for the episode: "The Ceiling Fan team meets up for the first time ever to record the show's first-ever live edition of the show, featuring the characters that make The Ceiling Fan great! You can watch that episode at http://www.ceilingfanpodcast.com/ .

And the Adventures in Odyssey line of products continues to expand with these Adventures in Odyssey flash drives. You can get them in three different formats:

1).Albums 1-56 (The Whole Collection!) for $999.99
2).Albums 51-56 for $99.99
3).Album 56 for $40.99

A new Editorial on the Adventures in Odyssey Update was released yesterday, entitled, "A Victim of Romance", which chronicles the pros and cons of Odysseyian relationships. You can check that out at
 http://aioupdate.weebly.com/editorial-7.html .

Finally, there were two new sites discovered by FreddyJay of the Campbell County Connection last week. I decided to check them out yesterday, and they were very well done. One was titled The Adventures in Odyssey Daily News, and was run by someone named "Skylerfan", and the other was titled, "Adventures in Odyssey Thoughts", and was run by someone named Victoria Donahue. The latter was definitely my favorite, and I will be checking that quite often. I would say check it out, but both of these sites have spoilers from Album 56. Here are the links to both of the sites:

Adventures in Odyssey Daily News: http://taiodn.blogspot.ca/
Adventures in Odyssey Thoughts: http://aiothoughts.blogspot.com/ 

Well, that's all for now. Be sure to check out my updated Imagination Station, and check out The Logo Gal Stay tuned, and I hope you enjoy Twists and Turns!
                                                                                                        ---The Old Judge
Yes, sadly, I will admit, Twists and Turns will become more of a slower blog due to things picking up again, as they always do. However, I will still give you all the news, just in longer posts and bigger increments of time between them. So, here is the last news before 'The Machine Begins to Slow'. That could be a movie title. 

Out of Control in Odyssey has released their review of Family Portraits #3: A New Kid in Town. It is a very good review, as always, and no other fan blog that I know of reviews their sites that way. Anyway, it's good to have another Out of Control post to read, and I'm sure Pound Foolish will agree with me. So, you can check that out here. http://odysseyoutofcontrol.blogspot.com/ . Speaking of new posts, there is supposed to be another Sunday Morning Scramble School post out soon, and those are probably my favorite posts. I've been waiting for a second one ever since the first one!
And today, Wooton Bassett from the Unofficial AIO Blog released Out of Control's new logo. It's awesome, isn't it? Wooton always does such a good job. The picture to the right is Josh and Ally, the two writers, I believe. 

One more piece of Out of Control news. (Holy cow, there's been a lot. And no, I am not Hindu.) You can now become a follower of their blog, that being a new feature they have just added. I have already joined, and I would advise you to do the same.

FreddyJay of the Campbell County Connection has released several new posts, one of which gives more Odyssey blogs, two of which I've never heard of before! He has also released his review of Sergeant York, Child's Play, and Something Old, Something New, Parts 1 & 2. He also has a special post called "Head to Head: Bernard Walton vs. Red Hollard & Mrs. Kramer", where he gives the good and bad aspects of all the characters, and sees which character is the better through several stages of reviews. As always, I say to go check it out and comment on his posts. He has also updated his links page for the first time in years. You can check all that out at http://fjayodysseyreport.blogspot.com/ .

And things continue to happen at the Campbell County! They have now brought back Blogs. Basically, if you're a registered member, and you've always wanted an Odyssey blog, (or any blog, as long as it follows County regulations,) you can make oneon the County! It is 50 Seashells (CC Currency) a month. If you want to have this amazing opportunity, join the County. Even if you don't want to start a blog, I encourage you to join. Campbell County is a really amazing place, and we have lots of amazingly unique features. If you would like to check it out, you can check it out at http://ccmb.fourm-motion.com/ .

Today, Alex Jefferson of Just Another AIO Blog has released his article, "Why AIO Has Remianed Popular". It is a very good article showcasing the reasons why Adventures in Odyssey episodes are timeless. You can check that article out at http://justanotheraioblog.blogspot.com/ .

Wooton Bassett of the Unofficial AIO Blog has released a sneak preview of Adventures in Connellsville Installment 7. According to Alex Jefferson, who is the author of AIC, this is probably the best installment of the story yet. You can check that out at http://unofficialaioblog.blogspot.com/2012/08/adventures-in-connelsville-instalment-7.html .

And while speaking of the Unofficial AIO Blog, I was browsing through it the other day, to find out that the back cover for 90 Day Devotions for Kids, being released this fall. I know it is a couple of days late, and most of you haveprobably already seen it, but here it is. 

Now, I love how they're giving each Odyssey character a chance to shine with their own section in each devotion. I am definitely getting this book. There is no doubt about it. 
Well, the Christian A. from the Voice of Odyssey has posted our interview on his blog. He references my site on there, and gave a link to my site on it. You can check that out at http://thevoiceofodyssey.blogspot.com/ .

A while back, as most of you know, in the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, Jeff MacPherson competed in a car decked out in an Adventures in Odyssey logo. Though that is incredibly amazing, what really struck me was this adaptation of the race that Gary Locke drew.
Whit in a race car....What else?
This is a really amazing drawing. Though album art is cool, it's extra pictures like this or the Best Small Town party with astronaut Terry Virts that will always be remembered.

Well, that's all the news I have for now. So stick around, stay tuned, and I hope you enjoy Twists and Turns!
                                                                                                            ---The Old Judge
Well, I missed my two month anniversary due to my absence, so consider this a special post marking my achievement. Once again, I find it sad that quite a number of Adventures in Odyssey fan sites only last a month or two. So I try and give something special every month or so. So to mark two months of existence for Twists and Turns, I am hosting an interview with Christian A. from The Voice of Odyssey. For those of you who don't know, Christian A. is one of the most devoted Odyssey fans out there, running the Voice since March 24, 2010, and has a very outspoken testimony. Well, let's begin the interview.

The Old Judge: Whe did you first start listening to Adventures in Odyssey?

Christian A.: I'm not sure of the exact age, but I was around six or seven when my mom got me my first set. It was the special, limited-edition 10 CD set, which you can see here on The Odyssey Scoop.

The Old Judge: What was the first episode you ever listened to?

Christian A.: Well, since my first set was the one mentioned above, I believe the first episode could have been "Connie Comes to Town". But that may not be totally accurate, because I think I may have known about Odyssey from the radio or tapes from Chick-fil-A before that. So I can't really say for sure.

The Old Judge: What inspired you to start The Voice of Odyssey?

Christian A.: Oh, boy. Well, it was really inspired by Josh from The AIO Fan's Life. He and I met on The Odyssey Scoop comments and had all of our conversations there until he showed me his blog. And eventually, he urged me to ask my parents if I could start my own blog, since I felt that I had so much to say about thte Album 51 episodes that were coming out. So I asked, and my parents totally surprised me by saying yes! And the rest is history!

The Old Judge: Does anybody help you on your blog, or do you do it solo?

Christian A.: Nope, I do it all myself. I do get some of my ideas and points for my reviews for others on occasion, but the vast majority comes from my own feeble brain.

The Old Judge: Do you have any future plans for your blog, and if so, what are they?

Christian A.: Gee, I really don't want to think about the future. I just hope I can keep it going. Life continues to get more and more hectic for me, and it's all I can do to post an update every couple of weeks. I just hope that I can keep reviewing every episode as it comes out. That's really my only goal.

The Old Judge: What is your favorite Adventures in Odyssey episode of all time, and why?

Christian A.: Why does everyone always ask this question?! No, it's alright. It's just hard. The episode that always comes to my mind is when I'm asked this question is The Search for Whit, Parts I, II, and III. I'm not entirely sure, but I've always liked this show, and I never really get tired of it. You're not going to get much more out of me than that.

The Old Judge: What is your favorite Adventures in Odyssey album of all time, and why?

Christian A.: My favorite album... I'm not sure if anyone has ever asked me that one. Good question. Although I don't own it, I really like In Hot Pursuit--Album 41, where Connie and Joanne go on a roadtrip to Washington D.C. where she ends up almost marrying Mitch. It also has some great single episodes like Do or Diet and The Mailman Cometh. Yeah, I think I'd have to say #41.

The Old Judge: What is your favorite Adventures in Odyssey saga of all time, and why?

Christian A.: Well, although Backgaard comes close, I think I have to agree with almost everyone else and say Novacom. It was an amazing accomplishment by the AIO team, and it really hasn't been matched by anyhting else they've ever done. Great plot, great characters, great suspense, great ending. Maybe they can make something like it in the future, but I think Novacom will always hold a special place in every AIO fan's heart.

The Old Judge: Who is your favorite actor to voice Whit?

Christian A.: Oh, boy, this is a tough one. I can definitely say--NOT Andre Stojka! But choosing between Paul Herlinger and Hal Smith is harder. I suspect that if I had been a fan of Odyssey earlier on, I would say Hal Smith, but the time I was born, Paul Herlinger was already in place. So while I really like Hal Smith's Whit, I guess I would have to say Paul Herlinger. He was always great at giving wisdom and advice, and he was amazing in all the action/adventure episodes he acted in.

The Old Judge: What do you think of the current era of Adventures in Odyssey?

Christian A.: Egh. I mean, the Odyssey writers have shelled out some great stories for us. But there hasn't been much heart. There have been good episodes in every album, but there have been few GREAT ones. And another problem I've had is that the episodes are all about morals. Now, that's not necessarily a bad thing, but when it's all morals and laws and legalism, and there's no talk about how we cannot naturally obey and pleae God, and Jesus had to please God for us, you can end up with hypocrites or Pharisees who think that they're pleasing God by keeping the law. AIO needs to be careful that it doesn't seperate the moral message of the Bible from the gospel message of the Bible, which tells us that we can never be good enough for God. Our hearts are corrupt by nature, and we need Jesus to be good enough for us. We need His righteousness, and nothing else will please God. APart from Him, we face eternal damnation. Well, that was a long, complicated answer. Sorry if that was more than you were asking for.

The Old Judge: What are your opinions on Andre Stojka? Has he gotten better in the role, worse, or what?

Christian A.: Boy, Andre Stojka. I suppose he's grown into the role a little with the 5 albums he's worked on. But he hasn't really grown on me. Eever since I became convinced he isn't a Christian, I've not been able to genuinely like him. I mean, if you're playing Mister Whittaker, you should at least share his faith if you're going to add any heart and soul to the role. But from what I can tell, Andre makes no Christian profession, so I can't get over that, and I don't know if I'll ever like his job as Whit.

The Old Judge: What are your thoughts on upcoming Album 56:The Grand Design?

Christian A.: I'm pretty excited for it. Some of the episodes really intrigue me. (See my latest blog post for more on that.) I was pretty pleased with Album 55, so while I'm hoping that Album 56 will continue the gradual improvements, I'm not getting my expectations too high, because I don't want to be disappointed. But so far, everything looks good, and I think we're in for an enjoyable new season of episodes.

The Old Judge: Who is your favorite Adventures in Odyssey character, before and after the hiatus?

Christian A.: Oh, man. Another hard question. This one I really don't know if I can answer. I think I've said before that Jimmy Barclay is one that stands out. Believe it or not, Connie is actually a very relatable character for me. She seems to struggle with a lot of the same things I do, so I am usually helped greatly when she receives advice from Whit. (At least, in the old days, before Andre.) After the hiatus.....I guess Matthew Parker is a pretty good character. Ryan Cummings as well. I guess if I had to pick one, I'd say Ryan.

The Old Judge: Who is your least favorite Adventures in Odyssey character, before and after the hiatus?

Christian A.: Now this could be a bit easier. After the hiatus....(drumroll please)....Penny Wise! She seems to bring out the worst in everybody. She makes Wooton forget his values and fall for someone he knows next to nothing about, and she brought Connie's guard down when it came to meditation and the false teachings of Doctor Trask. I just don't think she's good for Odyssey. I don't know what prompted the writers to make her such a big character. Before the hiatus is a little more difficult. There were always minor characters that rubbed me the wrong way: Erica Clark, Courtney, Kim, Jeff.....But I can't really think of any specific character who I thought was totally unnecessary, as in the case of Penny.

The Old Judge: Are there any Adventures in Odyssey fan podcasts you listen to?

Christian A.: Oh, I LOVED the Unofficial Podcast back in the day when they were up and going. I was so sad to see them go. All other fan podcasts pale in comparison to that one. The Ceiling Fan is a bit too silly for me. The Whit's End Podcast I just really don't listen to, for personal reasons. I like Dave's AIO review podcasts. His thoughts are fun to listen to. And then there's always the Official Podcast, which is mildly entertaining, but I don't even listen to every episode they release. It probably boils down to the fact that I don't have time to listen to podcasts anymore. Unless it looks interesting enough that I put it on my mp3 player, I probably won't listen to it.

The Old Judge: Are there any Adventures in Odyssey fan sites that you frequent?

Christian A.: Well, the ones that I frequent a lot include The Town of Odyssey, The Odyssey Scoop, AIOWiki, and The AIO Fan's Life, (when it's being updated), and The Changing Times. All the rest I visit semi-frequently, but I'm not really attached to any of them.

The Old Judge: What are your opinions on my site, Twists and Turns?

Christian A.: Well, I won't lie and say that I go there very often. But I just gave it a full once-over this morning, and I was genuinely impressed. Your "Imagination Station" page is very thorough, and I like how you include an icon with every site. Your features are interesting and very well-formatted. And your blog posts are very inclusive---meaning you cover absolutely everything. Kind of like how I was when I started my blog..... Anyway, it is a very good website. It stands out, and it's obvious you're a big fan of the show and you care about its future. My advice to you would be just to keep trying to improve your writing skills so that you can write reviews that people will look forward to. That's really the key to maintaining a great website.

The Old Judge: If you could write an Adventures in Odyssey episode, what would it be about?

Christian A.: I wouldn't really know where to start. If you're interested, I wrote this "Episode Idea" for the "Chicken Soup" section of The Odyssey Scoop about a year ago.

"Falling Up"

Matthew Parker starts noticing disappearances all over town. First, it's only streetlights and stop signs here and there. Then, plants and trees start vanishing from right where they were standing. But the trouble comes when one of the kids in his class at school disappears completely. So Matthew convinces Emily to help him interview the kid's parents about the vanishing. But, after a few days, more kids and even adults start disappearing. The Jones & Parker Detective Agency is forced to go on a stakeout. All the facts point to Mister Whittaker as the next victim. They keep watch in the bushes at his house, particularly looking for anything above his house. And just as the clock tower in the middle of town strikes 12 A.M., a UFO appears at the top of Whit's house. Matthew struggles to wake Emily up as a strange white beam shoots out of the middle of the strange floating spacecraft. Whit is pulled up through the air into the ship, and then the whole thing disappears. The next morning, Connie hears from Lawrence Hodges and Jared DeWhite that they plan to come back to town and disprove all this nonsense. Coming soon to a radio near you.

The Old Judge: What are your opnions on Wooton and Penny as a couple?

Christian A.: Oh, don't even get me started. I already stated that I really don't like Penny as a character. So when she's paired with one of Odyssey's most beloved characters, thats'one of the worst mistakes the Odyssey team could have made. She and Wooton just aren't a likable couple. And I'd really like to hear more about her religious beliefs before I could become comfortable with Wooton, a Christian, entering a relationship with her. That's all I'll say for now. I may write a blog post about this in the future.

Well, I hope you liked that interview. I know it was long, but we got some good answers from a good person. Well, that's all for now, so stay tuned, and I hope you enjoy Twists and Turns!
                                                                                                                      ---The Old Judge
Well, everybody, I am back, and many things have happened, or at least in the fan world. There is one piece of official news, so I will take care of that first.
Episode 153 of the Official Adventures in Odyssey Podcast has been released, and the summary for the episode is, "Hear the first clip of 'The Perfect Church', an episode in Album 56:The Grand Design. All twelve episodes are now available for download. Plus, learn about "The Labyrinth" from actor Simon Kassianides!"

One more piece of official news. A new Social Shoutout is out with "two ginormous announcements", according to the Official Blog. You can check that out at http://whitsendblog.org/

The Campbell County Message Boards is going through yet another period of change, but this is not a story arc. This is very real, indeed. Bren is relinquishing control of the message board to several people. Now, just to be clear, Bren is not retiring, he is just focusing on other things in his life right now. Anyway, as part of the change, myself and CreativeThinker101, also known as Alex Jefferson of Just Another AIO Blog, are now the moderators of The Campbell County Message Boards, and I will be adding that to my "About Myself" column. If you haven't joined this message board, do it, and if you haven't posted on it in a while, start posting! The link is http://ccmb.forum-motion.com/ .

I normally don't cover any news over at the AIOWiki, considering this is only my third time, but there is a piece of news happening over there. Apparently, they have a new poll out. They want to know if you went to the Birthday Bash. You can vote in that poll at http://aiowiki.com/wiki/Adventures_in_Odyssey_Wiki:Poll .

FreddyJay is continuing to run the Connection at a rapidly dizzying pace. Sadly, Simon only said a little bit of how much I love the Campbell County Connection, so I will tell you more. I really have found a love for this blog, and actually you are going to hear something nobody knows. Like I said, one of the reasons of starting this blog was to fill a void in the Adventures in Odyssey online community considering so many had shut their doors. One of those was the Campbell County Connection, whose last post when I started Twists and Turns was, "Bye for Now....". So, FreddyJay, if you're reading this, you had a major impact on the creation of this site. Thank you.

But, about the new posts. Since I've been gone he released the first of a series of posts in which he will talk about new Adventures in Odyssey fan websites. On his first post was my website, and that made me feel so good that my site, only a little over two months old, would get listed on the Connection. Also, he has put this blog on his blog list, so you can see all the recent posts. I thought that was cool. He has also started what I hope to be a series of posts, (Hint, Hint, FreddyJay.), that are titled "A Deeper Look". The first one is on Penny Wise, and to my knowledge, no one has reviewed the character of Penny. Really, that was a very good article. It kept me captivated. He has also released his reviews of "Childish Things", "The Labyrinth, Part 2", and "The Labyrinth, Part 3". He has also begun a new page called "A Day in Odyssey". You can check the posts out at http://fjayodysseyreport.blogspot.com/ , and the new page on http://fjayodysseyreport.blogspot.com/p/a-day-in-odyssey.html . Also, if you can, you should REALLY become a follower of the Connection. I did, and I recommend that you do, too.

Remember a couple of posts back, (All you have to do is scroll down the page a bit.), and I did that tribute to the Adventures in Odyssey Blog? Well, the whole reason I did that was for Austin and Tasha, but they never commented or anything. They didn't even give themselves an anniversary post! That was an interesting situation. *I'm giving a website a birthday tribute, and they don't even give themselves one!* But, on Tuesday, Austin got on and explained that he had been traveling with his family and that was why he didn't post. So, he gave himself a belated anniversary post, but lo and behold! To my surprise, he saw my post, and not only that, he referenced it on his blog! So, that was awesome. My site isn't popular, and probably never will be, but it's getting referenced quite a bit more than it was.

Also, Suzylou, the new co-author of the Unofficial Adventures in Odyssey Blog has released an episode review on "More Like Alicia" from Album 30:Through Thick and Thin. It was a very good review, and you can check that out at http://unofficialaioblog.blogspot.com/2012/08/episode-review-more-like-alicia.html .

Ben Warren of The Changing Times has added a new page to his website for the first time in a long time. This page has me really excited, and of course Ben Warren would be the one to think of it. The page is titled "Original Scripts", which pretty much describes what it is. The first script on it is titled "Jay Break", and the summary of it is, "After getting in treouble for a prank at school, Jay avoids going home to face the punishment Uncle Wally has planned for him; however, as a result, Jay finds himself in an even worse predicament." You can check that out at
http://aio-thechangingtimes.blogspot.com/p/original-scripts.html .

Alex Jefferson has released an article, which is by far his best yet, titled, "The Lovers, The Dreamers, and Me". In this article he gives the three groups of Adventures in Odyssey fans. The link is http://justanotheraioblog.blogspot.com/2012/08/aio-article-lovers-dreamers-and-me-8912.html .

Last week, after I released my last post, Alex released his sixth installment of Adventures in Connellsville. If you haven't read it yet, it involves a Hawaiian condo and a miraculous phone call. You can check that out at http://justanotheraioblog.blogspot.com/p/adventures-in-connellsville.html . Also, there will be a short hiatus in the Adventures in Connellsville stories, so no installment tomorrow.

Also, after I had done last week's post, Josh and Ally from Out of Control in Odyssey published two posts. One was titled, "A Camp What-A-Nut Experience". Josh and Ally both tag-teamed this article, as they did with their Birthday Bash experience. It was a very good article, and Josh and Ally have a very good talent with taking real life experiences and giving them an Odysseyian perspective. The other post is titled, "Now Hiring!". If anybody wants to become part of an Odyssey blog writing articles, then email Josh and Ally at jandakocompany@yahoo.com . Anyway, to check out these two articles, or any in the archives, the go to http://odysseyoutofcontrol.blogspot.com/ .
I would like to say something about the Voice of Odyssey really fast before I wrap up this post. A special thanks to Christian A. for adding my blog here to his blog list. That really helps get the word out about my site. Tomorrow, I should hopefully be interviewing Christian, so stay tuned for that. Christain, if you're reading this, keep posting. The day your site dies will be a tragic day in the Odyssey community, and that's not sarcasm. People look up to sites like your's, Austin Peachey's, and FreddyJay's because of how long they've been going and how amazing they are. For a while the Connection and the Voice shut down and fans were not happy. So, both of you, continue. Oh, and about that interview, it's good. Christian gave me some very detailed answers. It will probably take you somewhere between five and fifteen minutes to read. That's all for now, so stay tuned, and I hope you enjoy Twists and Turns!

P.S (It's good to be back.)
                                                                                                                             ---The Old Judge

Well, The Old Judge couldn't make it, so I am filling in for him again. That's right, this is Simon Jones' second post for Twists and Turns! So, if any of you are wondering what happened to him, I'll tell you. He was going to do it, and me and him were sitting in his office, when he got a call from Janice, one of the workers in the lobby of the Courthouse, saying he had to go to Jacque Henri's Art Gallery. Apparently, The Old Judge had bought a picture from there to liven up his office, and had paid with his credit card. Unfortunately, he left his credit card there, and Mister Henri got a hold of it. Now, for some reason, it is considered a popular type of art now to blow up small, common objects and use them as decorum. Well, Jacques got a hold of The Old Judge's credit card, and did that exact same thing with it, and put it in the display window of his shop. So now the fair citizens of Odyssey are walking down the street seeing The Old Judge's credit card number. Yeah.......  Okay, to the news. The Old Judge left some notes for me, so I will use them as a reference point and go with it.
A Town Called Odyssey now has a logo, which is shown on the left of the screen. For those of you who don't know, A Town Called Odyssey is a recently made Adventures in Odyssey blog run by Katerina Meltsner, the sister of Wooton Bassett from the Unofficial AIO Blog. Wooton designed her logo, which in my opinion is very well done. It's a montage of Odyssey, with the author's face in the center. If you haven't seen A Town Called Odyssey, you should check that out, and you can at http://atowncalledodyssey.blogspot.com/ .

Now, some of you might have heard about a site called the Campbell County Connection. Normally I wouldn't say something like that, considering it's one of the most reputable fan sites out there. However, due to lack of time, Freddy Jay, the operator of the blog, closed the doors of the Connection indefinitely on April 5. Well, according to what The Old Judge has written here, he says, and I quote, "Well, then one day, on the Campbell County Message Boards, I found out that the Banker, Jason, was really Freddy Jay. Oh, boy. I contacted him and in a somewhat delirious way asked when the next post would be out. He said he was working on one." So, apparently, FreddyJay released that post, and then some. In the last four days, he has relased five posts, including two reviews, one on "Emily the Genius" and "How to Sink a Sub". H e even references me in the review of "Emily the Genius". The poor girl was so tired out, and it was all for us, and FreddyJay references that fact. But, anyway, this site is very unique, and The Old Judge already became a follower of it, so you have got to check it out. The link is on The Imagination Station on here, or you can just click here: http://fjayodysseyreport.blogspot.com/
(Oh, one more thing. While browsing his site, I saw trading cards with people like Matthew, Olivia, Whit, and Wooton on there. Hmm.... I wonder what a Simon Jones trading card would look like.....) 

Also, the summaries for the episodes of Album 56: The Grand Design has been released. However, considering this is old news, The Old Judge has given me a link to the Connection which has the summaries, so here it is:
http://fjayodysseyreport.blogspot.com/2012/08/album-56-summaries.html .

Okay, I'm going to say something. The Campbell County Connection is one of The Old Judge's favorite sites, and since I gave it a once-over is fast becoming one of mine, too. Show your support. Really. If any of you are reading. Hop on over to the Connection. Read the posts. Become a follower. Comment on the posts. Encourage FreddyJay. This is an amazing blog, and we can't afford to lose it again.

Abby and Mandie's Adventures in Odyssey Podcast Episode 9 is out, and not only that, but guess who they are interviewing? Ethan Daniels of The Ceiling Fan Podcast! That's the kid who's trying to find Odyssey. Guess what? He'll never find us, because we are located in -------------. Yup. That's where we're at. But if you want to listen to this podcast, you can check it out at http://theabbyandmandieshow.webnode.com/videos/podcasts/

Well, sadly, Adventures in Connellsville Installment 6 and the weekly feature on Just Another AIO Blog are not out yet, but he did release his weekly review, on the episode "Think on These Things" yesterday. You can check that out at http://justanotheraioblog.blogspot.com/2012/08/weekly-review-think-on-these-things-8412.html 

Also, Dave of Dave's AIO Blog has just given us an article entitled, "Hopes for Album 56", which is pretty self-explanatory. They are his hopes for each episode in this fall's lineup. In true Dave fashion, though, he gives us what has happenedin the past with certain kinds of episodes and how this could not work. It's still good to read, however, so you can check that out at
 http://davesaioblog.blogspot.com/2012/08/hopes-for-album-56.html .

Now, as we reach the end of this post, I will give you the Twists and Turns news. The Old Judge had just written a new Courtroom verdict entitled, "The Old Judge's Verdict on The Terrible Fate of the Gallery", and updated his Cast & Crew: Take 2 feature with Christian A. and FreddyJay, who we were talking about earlier. He has also added A Town Called Odyssey onto his Imagination Station page. He has also done an interview with Christian A., which he will be releasing this weekend. Which leads me to say, The Old Judge will not be here from Monday through Friday this week, so no Twists and Turns posts. But, hey, he'll do a post on all that he missed like he normally does! Well, you've got a lot to look forward to, and I'm sorry this won't be functioning for a week, but use the Imagination Station page. That will take you to some good sites. After all, "Once you push the red button, you never know whre the adventure may lead".
                                                                                                                                    ---Simon Jones

After a four month and eleven day hiatus, (Oh, yeah, I do my homework.), Bren has released Episode 74 of The Whit's End Podcast. YAY! Seriously, I saw him say something cryptic on the Soda Shop about, "What if I did the episode without editing the old episode?" I immediately rushed oved to their podcast's website, and celebrated when I saw that Episode 74 was out. Now, this episode is shorter, being at about seven and one-half minutes, but it is amazing. The podcast's summary is, "Join Bren as he gives some updates regarding TWEP, AIO, and more." So, yes. I have already listened to it, and it is very good. Bren made a very funny comment while referencing the Soda Shop. "Well, unless you've been living under a rock the last couple of months, you know the Odyssey Scoop came out with their own message board." I just thought it was funny. You can go check that podcast out at http://thewepodcast.com/podcasts.html . I will also say that Bren referenced my website on his podcast episode, and that was really a great honor, to be referenced on the longest-running fan podcast. And continue to pray for Bren and Matt, as they continue to search for jobs and enter college. Hey, Bren, if you're reading this, I'm already waiting for Episode 75.

Big news! Focus on the Family has released an episode from Album 56: The Grand Design, entitled "Happy Hunting". The summary of the episode is, "Penny Wise embarks on a frantic search to find happiness, but in the process she makes everyone around her miserable. Theme: The search for happiness." For a limited time, you can listen to it at this link: http://odysseyscoop.com/blog/2012/07/30/preview-the-grand-design/
I must admit, Penny is a gem in the Adventures in Odyssey world, and bringing somebody in to learn Christian principles from Whit and the gang is amazing.

And while we're talking about The Grand Design, it is now available for download. And since it is now available for download, I have a list of the episodes. A special thanks to Jumpman256 on The Soda Shop Message Boards for disclosing this information to us. Here is the list:

1).The Perfect Church, Parts 1 & 2
2).Great Expectations
3).For Three Dollars More
4).The Bible Network
5)Happy Hunting
6).The Holy Hoopster
7).The Lost Riddle
8).Groundhog Jay
9).Home Again, Parts 1 & 2
10).Push the Red Button

Just Another AIO Blog has a really amazing article, probably his best yet. It is called "AIO Websites: A Competitive Market?" If you want to check that out, the link is 

Also, Pound Foolish, a moderator on the Soda Shop Message Boards, was welcomed on board Just Another AIO Blog last week, and he released his first piece today, an article entitled, "Penny and Wooton: The Deathly Serious Controversy". This is a very good article which, no offense, is a good deal longer than Alex's articles. If you would like to read it, the link is

As you can see, Campbell County has been restored! Now, everything I said with Jason was real, but it was all part of a story arc, a feature unique to the County that can't be found on any other Odyssey message board. But, for those of you who aren't on the County, (The only one I know of is Suzylou,) I'll give you a rundown of what happened.

Jason, our Banker, the GENUINE one, got on yesterday with apost titled, "I'm Back!" According to him, someone under the username, "Phillip Glossman". After month's of watching the board, Phillip found out Jason's password and hacked onto his profile. Somehow he stripped all the administrators of power and became a dictator under Jason's name. However, an anonymous user had sent "Jason" a button that said, "Join the Dark Side', so Phillip put it up for sale in the shop. The button was given to him by the real Jason, who was using an old profile under the name, "Rodney Rathbone". If ten people bought the button in the shop, it would release Jason's passcode and be able to take down Phillip. However,, Phillip had begun to launch a program called Mix, which would either take control of users in Novabox fashion, or mess up their profile so nobody could speak put against him. However, we avoided Mass Mix, and only a couple of people were taken over by Mix. Well, he's done and gone now, Jason's back, and he changed his passcode.  

Well, Ben Warren finally got around to his Odyssey post, which was very good. Please don't start a riot against Ben for writing this or me for reporting this, but it's titled "A Nail in Mitch's Coffin'. It shows why Mitch and Connie's relationship would or wouldn't have worked, and the pros and cons of how the writers handled it. If you want to check that out, the link is

I'm sorry that this isn't the normal Voice logo I use, but it is the more modern one. Anyway, Christian A. put up a short post several days ago talking about some of the new episodes. I really do love the Voice, and Christian does an amazing job, so every time a new post pops up, I rush over. Here is the link to the new post: http://thevoiceofodyssey.blogspot.com/2012/07/push-red-button.html

To your left is the new logo for Jason & Mitch: Secret Agents, the epic spy story that combines our top two favorite secret agents working together, brought to you by the Unofficial AIO Blog. I really like this logo, Wooton does a good job as always, and eventually I will try to put something about this on The Unofficial AIO Blog's page on the AIOWiki. Anyway, if you haven't read it yet, READ IT! Right now. Here's the link:

Well, I was on the Voice getting the link to put on my post, when I went to look at his blog list, which displays the latest posts from several blogs, one of which is the AIO Fan's Life. Lo and behold, Marvin posted again for the first time in three months! Sadly, I put his site in the "Defunct Sites" section of the Imagination Station, so I will be moving it back to the Functioning Sites section. If you want to read that post, here is the link:

Well, that's all the news. I'm sorry it took so long to get out. I'll try to get out one more post before disappearing for a week, along with a new Courtroom. There's more to come, so stay tuned, and I hope you enjoy Twists and Turns!
                                                                                                                          ---The Old Judge