Well, once again my favorite podcast is back with a new episode. BBP Episode 6 was released last night. The title is "BBP Episode 6: Interview with David Griffin Part 2." The summary of it is "Part 2 of our interview with David Griffin, voice of Jimmy Barclay! He talks about some of his favorite episodes, characters, and actors to work with. I already downloaded it. Noah announced on the Soda Shop that it was out, then I went right to iTunes and downloaded it. I love the fact that it's on iTunes. If a new fan wants to hear all the episodes, he can go right to iTunes, they're all on there. 

In other news, people liked my opinions on Abby and Mandie's Adventures in Odyssey Podcast last night, so I decided to add something new to my site. I'll put a post on here when it's finally up, but I'm expecting it to be up Saturday or Sunday. I'm telling you because this is an interactive feature to some extent. It will be called "The Courtroom" as a pun to my name on here. Basically you'll tell me what you want me to talk about on here,(I'll make a topic on the Soda Shop), and then I'll give my opinions on it. Seriously, as long as it's Odyssey, I'll do it. I'll talk about anything from why Maude isn't in the show to why Jay has an imaginary friend named Bob. Of course, if it's stuff like that, it will be mostly just speculation. It could be more serious Odyssey stuff, too, or my opinions on episodes, podcasts, or books. As long as it's Odyssey, I'll do it. Well, that's all for now, so stay tuned, and I hope you enjoy Twists and Turns


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