Today is July The Thirtieth. Normally this wouldn't matter. But, I'm going to get a little bit nostalgic and do my long rambly narrator-type special post. Austin, I know you deserve so much better than this little tribute, but I tried my best. Here goes:
Four years ago, Austin Peachey lauched his blog, titled, simply, "The Adventures in Odyssey Blog". Now, at that time so many Adventures in Odyssey fan blogs and websites were starting it wasn't even funny. But then, as time went on, they all began to shut down, some by the end of that year. Austin, however, persevered. One year passed. Then, on December 4, 2009, Austin released his first edition of The Adventures in Odyssey BlogCast. Two years passed, three years. Now we get to four years. He has joined an elite group. You wouldn't think four years is that hard, but oh, yeah. The only sites that were running for more than four years are: The Soda Fountain, AIOHQ, The Odyssey Scoop, AIOWiki, The Official Site, and The Town of Odyssey. Considering there have been about fifty Odyssey sites made, that's really a low number. In its four years of existence, the Adventures in Odyssey Blog has turned from a run-of-the-mill blog to being an icon in the Adventures in Odyssey fan community. Actually, as of the time I am writing this, they have exactly four hundred posts. The site has The Adventures in Odyssey Search Engine, a most amazing tool. For those of you who don't know what it is, it's basically Google, except only for Adventures in Odyssey-related sites or items. That took a stroke of creative genius to come up with. The BlogCast has turned from just another attempt at a fan podcast to a top-notch quality production, with amazing interviews, and even its own audio drama. Yes, the Peacheys are entrepreneurs. Not only have they made their own podcast, they've made their own audio drama. But, it's now time for the good part of this tribute; what others say.

Josh Ko from Out of Control in Odyssey wrote,

"Dear Austin and Tasha,

Thank you for bringing your blog and podcast to the Internet airwaves! Just kidding, there aren't any airwaves on the Internet. Your BlogCasts were one of the inspirations for creating Out of Control in Odyssey and I just wanted to write and tell you that I appreciate all of your amazing contributions to the Odyssey community. Your interviews are so much fun and I love your sibling chemistry. Happy fourth anniversary; things are looking PEACHEY KEEN in the future. God bless.

Josh Ko
Out of Control in Odyssey"

Wooton Bassett from the Unofficial Adventures in Odyssey Blog wrote,

Congrats Austin on your fourth anniversary.

Garrett Vandenburg from The Ceiling Fan Podcast and The Odyssey ScoopCast wrote,

"Thanks for the effort you put into your podcast, Austin. You've obviously made a pretty decent impact on the AIO community. Keep doing what you're doing."

Alex Jefferson from Just Another AIO Blog wrote,

"...I think it's amazing that Austin has been doing this for four years, though, and I advise him, if possible, to continue doing it."

Pound Foolish, a moderator on the Soda Shop Message Boards, wrote,

"A well-done blog. Thank you so much for the AIO online fan-base. I enjoy the features thoroughly. It stands out in quality. Thank you for making this blog, and remaining dedicated, keeping it going so amazingly long!"

Eugene4President, a user on The Soda Shop Message Boards, wrote,

"Congratulations Ausitn and Tasha!! I love your podcast!!

~Eugene for President"

And here's what I have to say,

"Austin, Tasha, you have shown incredible perseverance in doing what you're doing. You have been there has a pillar in the Adventures in Odyssey fan community when all your other counterparts fell by the wayside. The same way with your podcast. You are amazingly creative people, and the Adventures in Odyssey community is lucky to have you two. Keep serving the Lord one hundred percent, and you'll do fine. No matter what happens, or however many new websites or podcasts pop up, you have endeared yourself to so many people, and we don't ever want it to end. Just remember that it was the Lord who gave you the ability to do what you do and who gave us Adventures in Odyssey in the first place. We can't wait to see what you have in store for us, and to borrow an overused Whit quote, 'The best is yet to come'."

Well, that's my tribute. I hope you liked it. I'm sorry I couldn't get more quotes. Oh well, that's all for now, so stay tuned, and I hope you enjoy Twists and Turns!
                                                                                                                                         ---The Old Judge



07/30/2012 10:43am

Yes Austin. Your blog is one of the best blogs ever!!

Pound Foolish
07/30/2012 11:39am

Yay! Suzy made it before Suzy commented this time!
Splendid! A lovely news article. You are so thoughtful to do that, Old Judge. As for the Blackgaard courtroom, I loved it. It's so good to see some new stuff on your blog. What a wonderful pair of updates!

T.S. (myself)
07/30/2012 12:27pm

Congratulations, Austin and Tasha! It's amazing how many years you've been going when so many other sites have stopped!

07/30/2012 5:05pm

Austin's blog is great! It is, indeed, pretty amazing that he's kept it up so long.

07/31/2012 4:24pm

Over the weeks, (yes, weeks) The AIO Blogcast has replaced UAIOP as my favorite AIO Podcast. It has wonderful, hilarious episode reviews, absolutely fascinating interviews, and radio dramas that rival Odyssey in their well-writteness (I know, that's not a word) and performances. Thank you for this tribute, Old Judge. I really, really enjoyed it. But I suppose I would have to, since it has a quote from me! When will your next post be out?

08/01/2012 6:38am

That's a Great Tribute Old Judge! Congrats AIO Blog!!


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