Hello, again. This post will be covering three different topics. First of all, I would like to thank my support group over at the Soda Shop, who have been supporting and encouraging me while I do this site. As far as I know, they're the only people who read this, so I'm going to give them the thanks they deserve. They are Fodo14, who does the Boredom Buster Podcast, which is one of my most favorite Odyssey sites and by far my most favorite podcast; Wooton Bassett, who does the Unofficial Adventures in Odyssey Blog (another of my favorite Odyssey sites), and who designed my awesome site logo; HannahJ, who does a blog, though not about Odyssey, but I'll give you the link since she's so supportive. It's http://me4theking.blogspot.com/ . The last person I need to thank is T.S. (myself). So thank you very much, you four. Hopefully this website will be able to entertain you in the future.

Now here's what I know a few of you have been waiting for. My trivia column is out! It is called Trivia 101!, but it needs more trivia in it. I couldn't think of a lot off the top of my head, so here's what is going to happen. There's a topic called "Trivia 101! I Need Your Help!" on the Soda Shop Message Boards. If you have any interesting Adventures in Odyssey trivia, put it on that topic, along with the episode and album it appeared in.

Finally, the news. A couple of days ago, a fan made a mockup of the cover that was released in the Social Shoutout. I posted the Shoutout cover a couple of days ago, but here is the fan mockup.
A fan mockup of the Grand Design, releasing later this year.
It says, "12 Stories on Tithing, Happiness & More". Tithing is a concept that I don't remember being talked about in Odyssey before. Either it's never been fully approached before or it's been a LONG time. We've seen some new concepts explored in Odyssey since the hiatus. Fasting is the main one, and that entertainment should have a point was another one.
Finally, the Odyssey ScoopCast Episode 35 was released yesterday. The summary from the Odyssey Scoop is, "It's a casual conversation as we wrap up our interview with voice actress Kimmy Robertson. Kimmy discusses the voice acting world and gives insights to fans interested in acting. Plus, host Kevin McCreary shares a special announcement about Adventures in Odyssey's upcoming 25th anniversary celebration on June 16th, 2012."

Well, that's it for now. Until next time, then. There's more to come, so stay tuned, and I hope you enjoy Twists and Turns! 


06/11/2012 1:21pm

I'm so glad you started this blog. My favorite AIO blog yet! and thanks for all the awesome things you said. Can't wait to here more! Thanks!

06/12/2012 11:33am

You can be sure that I'll never stop reading your blog, Old Judge. It rocks!


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