Hello, again. I know, your reaction is, "Wow! A blog that actually gets updated!" Yes, I know. It's a shocker. But that's one of the reasons I started this. Anyway, today I'll be telling you what's happening to Twists and Turns in the next couple of weeks. So, today, I updated the Odyssey Actors Feature just a little bit. On Monday, the Trivia column will become a reality. There won't be many trivia tidbits when it opens, but it will be a frequently updated feature. In the next week or two, I plan to put an article on here. Just to make you curious, if anybody actually reads this, it will be called, "For Whom the Wedding Bells Break". Anyway, there's a bright future for this site. I hope you like it, and stay tuned!
                                                                                                           ---The Old Judge


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